UIF Letter Of Good Standing. How To Apply. Full Details

Are you thinking of applying for a UIF letter of good standing? Then this post might be just what you need to help you out.

In this post, I will be taking you through how to apply for a UIF letter of good standing and also provide you with other necessary information worth knowing about the application for a compliance letter. 

What is A letter of good standing? 

A Letter of Good Standing is an official letter that verifies that you are a COID holder who has made all of your Compensation Fund payments on time.

The reason that Tenders and Contracts frequently need you to have a Letter of Good Standing is to ensure that you are fully responsible for your personnel and that you are legally authorised to operate.

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This Letter states that you are in good standing with the Compensation Commissioner and you have met all their requirements.

What documents do you need to get a letter of good standing? 

  • You have to be registered with the Compensation Fund – section 80 of the COID Act. 
  • You have to be up-to-date with your Return of Earnings submissions – section 82 0f the COID Act. 
  • You must be fully assessed by the Compensation Fund in terms of your payable amount – section 83 of the COID Act. 
  • You have to be up-to-date with your due payments – section 86 of the COID Act.
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How to apply for a letter of good standing

The UIF Compliance unit has created a dedicated e-mail address as a central point to which all applications should be directed/e-mailed.

In order to apply for a Compliance Certificate or Letter of Good Standing please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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You will get an automatic response with an application form attached.

Please complete the application form and e-mail it back to [email protected]

The UIF will get in touch with you within 7 days.

Should you not receive a response after 7 days, send a follow up e-mail to [email protected][email protected] or [email protected]

If you are thinking of learning how to apply for UIF compliance certificate letter online then the video below must be helpful in your course.

Watch the video below:

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