Paving Bricks Prices In South Africa

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Pavement is an outdoor floor or superficial surface covering used in building. Asphalt, concrete, flagstone, cobblestone, and setts are examples of paving materials, as are artificial stone, bricks, tiles, and occasionally wood. Pavements are utilized on sidewalks, road surfaces, patios, courtyards, and other hardscape elements in landscape architecture.

Through Old French pavement, the term pavement was derived from Latin pavimentum, which meant “beaten or rammed down floor.” Before the word entered English, the meaning of a beaten-down floor was obsolete.


Pavement, in the form of hammered gravel, has been around since before the advent of anatomically modern people. The Romans frequently utilized mosaic-like designs on their pavement.

Paving Bricks Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of paving bricks in South Africa.

Pavement Blocks Minimum cost  Maximum cost 
Paving bricks R120 per square metre R200 per square metre
Labour R100 per square metre R200 per square metre
Transport R1200 in total R5700 in total
Brick compactor R500 per day R500 per day
Vibrating Plate Compactor R500 per day R500 per day
Extra materials needed (eg. cement) R80 per square metre R180 per square metre

Factors To Decide When Buying Pavement Bricks

Paving can be purchased through a hardware store or a brick wholesaler. The cost of paving bricks is determined by the following factors:

  • Thickness of bricks
  • Brick colour and style
  • Beneficiated bricks
  • Transport cost
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Thickness of bricks

The cheapest choice is standard paving bricks, which are roughly 50mm thick. For every 10mm increase in thickness, you should expect to pay roughly R20 per square metre more.

For low-traffic residential areas, standard bricks are fine, but commercial paving may require 80mm thick bricks.

Brick colour and style

The most affordable option is standard grey brickwork. Colored pavers will cost roughly R15 more per square metre than grey pavers.

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If you want a unique style brick, you’ll have to pay an extra R160 to R180 per square metre.

Beneficiated bricks

Beneficiated pavers offer a lovely gloss, color, and texture that will complement your home and decor.

The beneficiation procedure is costly, costing somewhere between R40 and R150 per square metre.

Transport cost

Paving bricks are large and heavy. As a result, transportation costs are enormous, and the more bricks you order, the more expensive it becomes. If you live within a 125-kilometer radius of your brick provider, delivery should cost between R1200 and R5700.

Determining the transportation cost can be difficult because offloading them may need the use of a crane. The cost is also determined by the distance that the truck must drive.

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