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In this article, we discuss Kwesta’s net worth, his business, lifestyle and any other information relevant to the subject matter.

Kwesta also known by birth as Senzo Brikka Vilakazi is South African rapper who is making history in South African music scene.

You might have heard a lot about him especially when it comes to rap music in SA. You might also have heard about his lavish lifestyle, but have you wondered how much he is worth according to Forbes? Well if it has ever crossed your mind, find it from here; how much this South African Musician is worth.

Aside his active music career, Kwesta has a very inspiring life, which has caused several South African youngsters especially the upcoming musicians to take after his lifestyle.


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Kwesta’s Early Life

Born August 11, 1998 in a township known as Katlehong in Guateng, Kwesta attended Phumulani Secondary School in Katlehong for three years and later moved on to High School at Alafang High School. He developed interest in music right from childhood.


Kwesta’s Music Career

Professionally, he raps for a living. He is a recognized rapper in South Africa with a massive online following. As an active musician, he’s released about thirty songs and has seven (7) studio albums to his credit.


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Kwesta Net worth and source of income

Kwesta is counted among the richest rappers in South Africa.  This actually confirms he’s really cashing out from his music.

He is worth $2 million.

Kwesta’s net worth in Rands is ZAR 31 million. He is one of the most bankable artists in the country.

Most of what contributed to this wealth is sales from music, tours, concerts, YouTube streams, endorsement deals, and many undisclosed deals.

His YouTube has over 170,000 subscribers and 46 million streams. Aside YouTube, he makes sales from other digital stores such as spotify and co.


Kwesta Businesses

He is the co-founder of music record label and media company Rap Lyf. He is self-signed to his label and also is willing to sign other artists he finds interest in.

Aside his music career and record label business, he is not actively involved in any businesses.


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Kwesta’s Lifestyle

A close look at the artist’s social media profile clearly indicates he’s living a simple and fulfilled life together with his family.


Wife and children

Kwesta married Yolanda, a business owner and artist manager in May 2019 after the couple have been together for nine years.

DJ Black Coffee and wife

The couple currently have an eight year old beautiful daughter.



Kwesta’s Albums

  • 2 skeif
  • Sounds & rhythm Vol. 1
  • Echoes of kofifi
  • Dakar II
  • Black and white 2.0
  • Shaded soul
  • Dakar
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