Plastic Tiles Prices In South Africa

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Plastic tiles can be used to update the look of hardwood or tile in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are all common places to put vinyl flooring. This is especially true in business situations.

On a tight budget, luxury vinyl flooring has limitless potential. The durability of premium vinyl flooring is perhaps its most significant advantage. It’s scratch and dent resistant and can tolerate a lot of foot activity. Noise reduction is also a benefit of luxury vinyl flooring. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for houses with pets or children.

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The most common type of vinyl flooring is vinyl floor tiles. With realistic textures and a wide range of hues, this wood-look flooring option is a cost-effective alternative to real hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant, and if it’s made with a WPC or SPC core, it’s completely waterproof. Vinyl planks can be installed as click-lock floating floors, glue-down flooring, or peel-and-stick flooring, depending on the kind.

Features Of Plastic Tiles

1. Various color and specification Present series
2. Fireproof , smokeproof
3. Wearable, easy in maintenance
4. Germproof, innocuous Registered embossing series
5.easy install without glue down with LVT click products and WPC click and loose lay with high quality
6. Anti-slip

Plastic Tiles Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices for plastic tiles prices in South Africa.

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Plastic Tiles Price
Beige Rubber Interlocking Tiles ( 4 Tiles) R255.00
Black Rubber Pvc Interlocking Tiles ( 4 Tiles) R115.00
Blue Rubber Interlocking Tile (4 Tiles) R280.00
Brown Rubber Interlocking Tiles (4 Tiles) R280.00
Dark Grey Rubber Interlocking Tiles R255.00
Edging Black -1m (2-Pieces) R70.00
Green Rubber Interlocking Tiles (4 Tiles) R255.00
PVC Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles ( 4 Pack)- All Colours R294.00
Red Rubber Interlocking Tiles (4-Tiles) R290.00
White Rubber Interlocking Tiles (4-Tiles) R280.00
Yellow Rubber Interlocking Tiles (4 Tiles) R280.00

Where To Buy Plastic Tiles In South Africa

PVC floor tile is a company that strives to take its consumers to new heights with creative goods that are tailored to their specific demands.

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The PVC flooring tiles are made to provide maximum safety while also delivering some level of comfort.

Pvc floor tile is a high-quality Pvc tile company in South Africa that serves the majority of the continent’s countries. Johannesburg is home to the majority of South Africa’s pvc tile manufacturers. They have a competitive advantage in the industry since they provide high-quality pvc flooring.

Floors such as industrial floors, commercial floors, school floors, and workshop floors can all benefit from our PVC flooring. You can check them out on here

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