Mamba Cement Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to give you accurate Mamba Cement prices in South Africa and all the necessary details worth knowing about Mamba cement. 

About Mamba Cement 

The Mamba cement brand has been steadily growing in stature following the completion of a R1.6 billion state-of-the-art new cement production facility near Northam in Limpopo Province.

The Mamba Cement facility is one of the lowest-cost manufacturers in the local business because of cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency gained through a unique waste heat recovery system.

These cost benefits are being used to grab market share from competitors who rely on technology and facilities that are decades outdated.

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Mamba Cement is very strong and easy to work with making it a highly sort after product on the South African market. 

Mamba Cement Grading 

Mamba Cement offers two versatile, CEM II early strength cements in the 32,5R and 42,5R strength classes.

Each grade of Mamba cement comes with its own uses such as moulding of blocks, concrete and plastering. 

Mamba Cement Prices In South Africa

Just in case you are looking for quality cement for your projects, then Mamba should be part of your cement choices. Below are the prices of Mamba cement on the South African market. 

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A bag of 42.5R 50KG Mamba Cement is sold for R 74.99 on the market. Visit any renowned building materials store and grab some for your project today. 

Note: Prices may have changed from the date listed in store or be discontinued so please confirm with the retailer. 

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