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Alpine Cement Prices In South Africa. Full Details


In this post, I am going to give you accurate Alpine Cement prices in South Africa and all other necessary information worth knowing about Alpine Cement. 

About Alpine Cement 

Alpine Cement is a product of the Alpine group. The Alpine group have been providing building material solutions for over 50 Years! Now with over 400 Wholesale & Retail Shops as Alpine point of sales.

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Alpine’s annual vessel of cement and other building materials exceeds 1.5 million tons with over 70 chartered vessels to South Africa. 

You can be very much assured that with Alpine Cement quality is assured. 

Alpine Cement Grading 

Alpine Cement comes in 2 different kinds with each grade of the product used for different purposes such as moulding of blocks, concrete and lastly plastering. 

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Alpine 32.5R For normal structure application. Block laying, internal and external plastering.
Alpine 42.5R Block Manufacturing, Precast products, High Strenght Structural Application.


Make sure you get yourself the right Alpine Cement with respect to the project or type of work you are going to use it for. 

Alpine Cement Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of Alpine Cement on the market. 

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Alpine Cement 42.5R R 81.95
Alpine Cement 32.5R R 81.95


Note: Price may change from the date listed in store or be discontinued so please confirm with the retailer. 

Watch the video below: 


Where to buy Cement In South Africa

Below are some online stores in South Africa where you can order for any quantity of Alpine cement you want. 


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