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Applications are now open for farmers interested in acquiring one of the 896 underutilized or abandoned state farms that are currently being released for agricultural purposes.

The farms are approximately 700,000 hectares in size and are available in all provinces except the Western Cape and Guateng. According to Thoko Didiza, minister of agriculture, land reform, and rural development, these farmlands have been freed as part of the government’s land reform initiative.

All successful candidates will be offered a 30-year leasehold with the option to purchase. According to Didiza, this type of leasehold imposes specific obligations on the state as the landlord, while the beneficiaries are responsible for managing, maintaining, and growing the assets received from the government.

How To Get A Farm Land To Rent

Apply In-Person:

  1. To apply for a grant in terms of the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development Programme in person, the applicant has to visit the office of Rural Development and Land Reform Department.
  2. The contact and address details of the office can be found in this link: Link
  3. Visit the office of Rural Development and Land Reform Department and obtain the application form to apply for a grant in terms of the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development Programme, from the respective department.
  4. Complete the application with required and relevant information. Make sure that you have all the documents listed in the “Required documents” section of this page.
  5. Now, submit the application with all the required documents to the concerned official in the Department office.
  6. Once the officer has assessed the feasibility of the proposal and provided an opinion, the complete package will be then submitted to the Provincial Grants Committee.
  7. Upon review of proposal, recommendations for grant approval are made to the Provincial DLA Director who decides whether to approve the grant release or not.
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Required Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Certified Identity document or a copy of it
  • Proposal of the project
  • Farm plan
  • Site map
  • Site clearance
  • Any supporting documentation


  • The person applying should be a black South African citizen as defined in the constitution should be at least 18 years older.
  • The person applying should be eligible of making his/her own contribution (in a considerable quantity) in terms of cash, labour or some of the same kind.
  • He/she must be aware and in agreement to be a participant in a training programme after the receipt of grant.
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Farming Land To Rent In Gauteng

Kindly find a link here for all the beautiful pictures of farm lands for rent inn Gauteng.

Government Farm Land For Lease In South Africa

Redistribution of Land for Agricultural Development

This initiative provides scholarships to formerly disadvantaged individuals in order for them to get agricultural land. Applicants who want to farm may apply for an LRAD grant, but they must provide a minimum of R5 000 – more if the grant is greater – in cash or in labor. Grants range from R20,000 to R100,000, with a minimum of R20,000 and a maximum of R100,000 awarded.

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Individuals or groups are welcome to apply. In many circumstances, parties who are currently using common land owned by local governments can apply to the program to purchase additional land. Women, adolescents, and the disabled are especially encouraged to apply.

How Much It Cost To Rent A Farming Land

In the Western Cape, the average price for high-potential arable grain production land falls between R40 000/ha and R50 000/ha, Karoo grazing farms cost around R2 000/ha, and irrigated farms cost between R150 000/ha and R200 000/ha.

Places To Rent Farm Land In South Africa

South Africa’s agricultural areas and provincial divisions Commercial grain-growing areas are primarily concentrated in the Western Cape province and the maize quadrangle (North West and Free State provinces). Subsistence farming is particularly common in the provinces of North West and Eastern Cape.

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