Leroy Merlin Aluminium Window. Full Details

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LEROY MERLIN is a subsidiary of GROUP ADEO, which has 89,000 people and 32 autonomous enterprises in 13 countries dedicated to 15 retail chains. It has 300 million home subscribers, a revenue of 17.9 billion euros (incl. tax) in 2015, and a 3.6 percent annual growth rate. LEROY MERLIN, as ADEO’s founding enterprise, specializes in product and solution sales, and in doing so, makes a unique commitment: to provide home renovation solutions tailored to each customer’s exact needs.

A LEROY MERLIN shop is a self-service hypermarket. It is also a location where anybody, regardless of their goals, needs, or level of experience, may obtain the items and specialized guidance they require. Their goal is simply to assist their customers in imagining and, more importantly, achieving the home of their dreams:

  • by adapting to local markets
  • by meeting with residents and homeowners tolearn about their living environment
  • by offering products and services that satisf their needs
  • by taking an interest in each customer’s plans
  • by providing friendly, easy-access stores
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Leroy Merlin’s Values

LEROY MERLIN, mindful of its role in the economies and societies of the countries in which it operates, thinks it has a responsibility to:

  • its customers, whether “do-it-yourselfers” or not, who are also consumers, residents or homeowners, and citizens
  • the company’s employees
  • the community
  • the planet

Why Chose Leroy Merlin

Customer advice

Despite the fact that the LEROY MERLIN shop model is self-service retail, it is critical to support the customer in all aspects of his or her project, both before and after the purchase. Employees at LEROY MERLIN are more than just salespeople; they are, above all, sales consultants who provide each customer with appropriate assistance: counsel on which solution to select, how to use or install a product, and so on. This counseling occurs both before and after the purchase, and includes a website with ideas, do-it-yourself tips, installation service, and more.

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Skills development

All LEROY MERLIN employees begin their careers with a several-week in-store training session to get to know the company and its consumers. Training is a vital component of every LEROY MERLIN organization and a considerable expenditure. Other training with real-life scenarios is also completed on a regular basis by the LEROY MERLIN sales consultants, because the best way to give helpful advice on how to install tiling, for example, is to have done it oneself!

Supplier partnerships

Product managers at LEROY MERLIN collaborate with suppliers to improve goods. In addition to completing quality controls, LEROY MERLIN considers customer feedback on both the products offered by the business and the customers’ home surroundings.

Leroy Merlin Aluminium Window

Tilt and turn: This system is our favorite, since it is a very versatile system as it allows both lateral and inward inclined opening. It has the same advantages as a casement window and also provides the best sound insulation. These windows are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, spaces that need great ventilation and / or little noise.

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Sliding window: The blades slide horizontally. It does not take up additional space when opening, which makes it perfect for areas limited by pillars, corners, furniture … Among its drawbacks: the opening angle is limited to one leaf and the closure is not hermetic.

Folding: Side opening of the window sash (s), so they need more space available for this movement, but offer a total opening and hermetic closure.

Swing: Inward sloping opening. Leaning is not possible in this type of partial opening windows recommended for bathrooms and garages.

Pivoting: The window sash rotates around a central axis. It is used in attics, roofs

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