Borehole Pump Repairs Prices. Full Details

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What is the purpose of your need for water? To water your garden and replenish your swimming pool? To supply water to a tiny rural village or farm household? Alternatively, it might be used to service a multi-hectare irrigation project.

Whatever your needs are, nothing beats a reliable source of affordable water right where you need it. In most circumstances, the remedy is to drill a borehole. However, drilling a borehole necessitates some research and forethought.

The costs of installing a borehole

According to the Borehole Water Journal Online Vol 103, homeowners considering installing a borehole on their property should consider the following costs…

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1. Site selection, which is used to determine whether and where to locate a groundwater production borehole.

2. Borehole construction. This comprises mobilizing equipment to the site and returning it to the base, drilling per metre, casing (supply and installation of solid casing and screen), gravel pack, sanitary seal, and well-head construction, and well development (cleaning the borehole after construction).

3. Pumping test cost for post-construction assessment of borehole and aquifer performance.

4. Hydrochemical analysis cost of water quality testing for an intended use.

5. Installation cost for a pump and/or potable water storage tank and reticulation system.

6. Maintenance costs for annual checks to the pumping equipment, pipe work and repairs should there be any failures.

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7. Electricity costs for running the pump each time it is switched on.

Where to drill the borehole?

The majority of residential lots are surrounded by palisade fencing or masonry walls. To say the least, getting a 25-tonne drill rig onto the site can be tricky. In many circumstances, there are two options: the beginning of the driveway or the middle of the driveway.

Remember that you may need to conduct some deconstruction work to allow the drill rig access to your land, and that once the borehole has been dug, some building work may be required to repair the area. The drilling charges will not include this.

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While this is inconvenient, the reality is that borehole drilling will involve some mess, so it’s better to plan for it than to be caught off guard. Discuss this with the drilling contractor to ensure that they can provide a solution that is both practical for your property and gives the borehole the highest chance of success.

Borehole Pump Repairs Prices

The price of a borehole pump repairs depends on the fault that broke down the machine. The professional is the best to mention a price for you.

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