IPhone 6 Screen Replacement Price

Accidents do happen, but it shouldn’t ruin your phone entirely. If you’ve had your iPhone 6 screen cracked you want to get it replaced as quickly as possible.

iPhones are generally expensive as compared to other mobile phone brands on the South African market. How about replacement parts, are they expensive? No, unlike Samsung, iPhone replacement parts are relatively cheaper.

The purpose of a blog post on iPhone 6 screen replacement price is to provide you with an idea of how much it may cost to replace the screen on their iPhone 6.

The post may also provide information on the different factors that can affect the cost, as well as tips for saving money on the replacement. The goal of the post is to help readers make an informed decision about how to replace their iPhone 6 screen, whether by doing it themselves or using a professional service.

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Price of iPhone 6 screen replacement

The total price of this consist of replacement part cost and cost of labour. Below is a price list of screen replacement for all iPhone 6 models

iPhone 6S Plus R799
iPhone 6S R599
iPhone 6 Plus R799
iPhone 6 R599


The prices above includes labour and VAT.

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Where to fix your iPhone 6 screen

  • weFix
  • Apple Support
  • iStore South Africa


Tips to save money on iPhone 6 screen replacement

  • Doing it yourself can save you repair cost. You only need to purchase the replacement parts. However, this option is not recommended for everybody as it may render your phone permanently damaged. To learn how to replace your iPhone 6 screen, check this post out …..
  • Compare prices
  • Consider a used or refurbished screen
  • Check for warranties



In conclusion, the cost of iPhone 6 screen replacement can vary depending on several factors, such as location, service provider, and the type of screen used. However, by comparing prices and considering options like DIY replacement or third-party repair services, you can save money on their replacement.

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While DIY replacement can be risky and may void warranties, using a professional service can ensure a safe and effective replacement. Overall, when it comes to replacing an iPhone 6 screen, it’s important for you to be aware of their options and choose the best one for their needs and budget. By doing so, they can enjoy their iPhone 6 once again with a fully functional screen.


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