How To Apply Smash And Grab Tint

‘Smash and Grab attacks’ are prevalent these days in South Africa. Whether you are driving or your car is parked, you are likely to become a victim of this “smash and grab attack”. But the possible way out is to apply “smash and grab tint” to protect your valuables.

Today’s post will address all issues concerning smash and grab tint. We are going to tell you much about:

  • how smash and grab tint works
  • how to apply smash and grab tint 
  • how long smash and grab tint lasts

About Smash And Grab Tint

Smash and Grab is a kind of Window Film used to reinforce a glass upon application. It is specifically made to keep your glass window intact even in the situation of a “smash and grab attack” or when pressure is applied your car glass.

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Mostly, a normal car glass will shatter, crack or break when a force is exerted on it. In situations like this, an attacker can swiftly get into your car to grab or get hold of your valuable items. Your car or vehicle may even be hijacked if you are not lucky enough. 

Smash and Grab Tint saves a lot for you! Simply due to the fact that, the film prevents your car glass from shattering instantly. Even when your car is parked, perpetrators can be easily spotted when they attempt to shatter your glass.

Importance Of Smash And Grab Film

  • Safety — in case of an accident, it keeps glass intact rather than shattering.
  • Security – it helps to protect your valuables in the car. 
  • Heat rejection/resistance

Difference Between “Smash and Grab Film” And Normal Window Film

Safety Film is much thicker than normal window film (varies from 25 microns to 50 microns).

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Again, safety film (about 100 microns thick) has stronger resistance to impact than normal window film. Due to this, glass still remains intact when struck with force.

Time It Takes To Install Smash And Grab Window Film

The size and design or make-up of the car determines the duration of installing smash and grab window film. On the average, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to apply smash and grab window film.  The film will dry properly in a space of 3 days to 3 weeks. 

Types Of Smash and Grab Tint

Below are the 4 main types of smash and grab tint:

  • Metallic or Metallized Film
  • Dyed Film
  • Factory
  • Carbon Film
  • Ceramic Film
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How To Apply Smash And Grab Tint

You can apply for Smash And Grab Tint by going directly to a film supplier and installer.

It is important to have knowledge of which film is going onto your windows. This will ensure quality and longevity of your glass.

Smash And Grab Tint Price In South Africa

There are several kinds of Safety Films with varying quality and effectiveness. The prices range from about R1900 to R4600 per car with respect to the application.

Smash And Grab Tint Installers In South Africa

Here is are some smash and grab tint installing companies in South Africa:

  • Solar Film Foundation (SFF) — (
  • Solasafe —
  • Centurion Sound and Security —
  • Qfilm —

NB: Smash And Grab Tint is not a bullet proof. 


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