Hisense Phone Prices in South Africa

Hisense fridges meet industry-set standards and are equally recommended for purchase.

The prices of Hisense phones are generally affordable as compared to brands like Samsung, TCL, and others.

This article gives you detailed information about Hisense phones in South Africa.

Are you planning on getting a new mobile phone? Hisense fridges are among the best on the Ghanaian electronics market.

In this article, I am going to take you through all the Hisense phone prices, their specifications, and other relevant information you need to know.

Hisense has gradually cemented its stay in the global electronic market and South Africa as well with the introduction of amazing energy-efficient electronic products.

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As a result, many opt for their products most of the time. Let’s dive in.

Knowledge of the prices of Hisense phones will enable you to make a sound decision when planning to purchase a new mobile phone.


Hisense Phones Price List (2022 Update)

Now let’s take a look at the latest Hisense phones prices at various phone shops in Mzanzi.

Hisense Phones come with varied specifications and features. They have single and dual sim mobile phones to meet customers needs.

Note that the prices we’ve listed here may increase or decrease depending on the current market conditions and other several factors.

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Phone name Price
Hisense U605 (Gold) R 449.00
Hisense U963 (Black) R 899.00
Hisense U963 (Blue) R 699.00
Hisense U40 Lite Dual SIM (Blue) R 849.00
Hisense U963 (Orange) R 999.00
Hisense U40 Dual SIM (Blue) R 1,115.00
Hisense U40 (Blue) R 899.00
Hisense U40 Dual SIM (Black) R 1,099.00
Hisense E30 Lite (Blue) R 1,399.00
Hisense E30 Lite Dual SIM (Black) R 1,498.00
Hisense E30 Lite (Black) R 1,521.00
Hisense E40 Lite Dual SIM R 1,591.00
Hisense E40 Lite (Black) R 1,599.00


Hisense E50 Lite Dual SIM (Black) R 1,898.00
Hisense E50 Lite (Black) R 1,899.00
Hisense E40 (Black)  
Hisense E40 (Blue) R 1,999.00
Hisense Infinity H40 Lite (Black) R 2,399.00
Hisense E50 Dual SIM (Blue) R 2,347.00
Hisense E50 (Blue) R 2,549.00
Hisense Infinity H40 (Black) R 3,199.00
Hisense Infinity H50 Lite (Black) R 3,759.00
Hisense Infinity H40 Rock (Black)  
Hisense Infinity H50 Zoom (Black) R 5,699.00
Hisense Infinity H50 (Black) R 6,499.00
Hisense phones
Hisense phones

Hisense Phone Prices At Ackermans

The prices above are similar to that sold at Ackermans.


Where to purchase Hisense Phones in South Africa

You can purchase a brand new Hisense mobile phone at any of their accredited showrooms or online at the following stores:

  • Ackermans
  • Hisense official website
  • Pep


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