Epol Pig Feed Prices

You are here simply because you want to know the price of Epol pig feed in South Africa.

We at South Africa Insider are committed to giving you accurate information related to pricing in SA.  In recent times, more youths are venturing into piggery. This is because it is a lucrative business when done well. In our previous post, we wrote about HOW TO START PIG FARMING IN SOUTH AFRICA.

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This post gives you all you need to know about Epol pig feeds: prices, constituents, where to buy and many more.

Note: price may vary from one supplier to the other due to several factors.

It is always recommended that you prepare your own feed in order to cut exorbitant costs. However, preparation of pig feed is beyond the scope of the article.

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Epol Pig Feed Prices

Feed Price
Pig Grower Meal 40Kg Epol R 295.00
Pig Sow And Boar Meal 40Kg Epol R 292.70
EPOL Pig Growth & Sow R296,47Price


Knowing the price of epol pig feed is important for aspiring and current farmers. It actually helps to draw an accurate budget.

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The cost of the feeds is determined by the type of pig you are raising.

Where to buy Epol Pig Feeds

You can purchase epol pig feeds at any animal feed store or distributor near you. Below is a list of few of them.

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