Animal Feed Companies In South Africa

We bring you animal feed companies in South Africa, their addresses, product & services and contact details.

Finding animal feed production can be daunting task, especially for beginner famers who have little or no knowledge about animal feed manufacturers.

Worry no more, as this article provides the animal of the feed companies and all you need to know about them. Contact the company nearest to your location and purchase your feed.

Epol Feeds

Epol understands the needs of farmers and their animals. As such, they produce high quality animal feed for the agricultural sector in South Africa. They are one of the top-notch animal feed companies in South Africa. Unlike other specialised feed manufacturers, Epol diverse in the production of several animal feeds.

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They produce feed for poultry (broilers and layers), ruminants, dairy, game (bush animals), horse, ostrich, piggery and several others.

Epol is owned by RCL Foods, one of the largest food manufacturers in South Africa.

For more information about Epol Feeds, use the contact details below.


023346 6400

Western Cape


Eastern Cape


Berlin | Hans Coetzee Street

043 685 2111

East London



012 386 0469










033 387 2460

For more information about Epol Fees, visit


Spurwing Feeds

Spurwing produce a premium range of high fibre, grain-free and grain-inclusive horse feed products in our dedicated horse feed mill. When it comes to horse feed in South Africa, they are known as one of the top producers.

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Contact Spurwing Feeds for all your horse feeds.

Contact Details


Spurwing Office

033 330 8157

[email protected]

Production Manager

082 376 3058

[email protected]

Gauteng Representative

082 784 3206


[email protected]

KZN Representative 

082 979 4594

[email protected]


Nutri Feeds

NUTRI Feeds is a part of the Country Bird Holdings (Limited) family, and works interactively with all world-class sister companies to provide South African farmers and households with the highest quality products for their health and the health of their farms and families.

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NUTRI Feeds is the leader in animal feed manufacturing in South Africa and a global player in the animal feed industry.

Contact Nutri Feeds

Physical Address: 41 Buskus Street. Potchefstroom. 2531

Telephone: 018 011 8888

Tel: +27 (0) 56 344 2200

Fax: +27 (0) 56 343 2271

Fax: 087 809 5312

Official Email: [email protected]

Working Hours: Monday ‚Äď Fridays 7:45 to 16:30


Nova Feeds

Meadow Feeds


Allem Brohers

Alzu Enterprises



Brennco Feeds

Crown Chickens

Dalein Voere

De Heus

Eagles Rock Feed Mill

Monti Feeds


Profile Feeds

Q-Pro Feeds

RCL Feeds

Rossgro Feeds

Sernick Veevoere

Specialised Aquatic Feeds

Yara Animal Nutrition


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