Epol Chicken Feed Prices

In this post, we bring you the complete Epol chicken feed prices, where to buy and other relevant information.

Epol is one of the top notch chicken feed producers in the country. They’ve been in this business since 1916. Their huge number of years of experience has placed them on the top in terms of animal (chicken) feed production.

In our previous post, we wrote on how to start a poultry farm in South Africa. It is a useful guide that beginners need to follow to get started. CLICK HERE to access it.

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Types of chicken feed available at Epol

For chicken feeds, Epol has specially formulated feeds for breeders, broilers and layers.


Epol Chicken Feed Prices

Feed Weight Price




SG 1 Broiler Starter 40KG R280.00
SG 2 Broiler Finisher 40KG R259.00
SG 3 Broiler Post Finisher 40KG R246.00
Sure lay phase 1 mash 40KG R219.00
Sure lay phase 2 mash 40KG R219.00
Sure lay grower mash 40KG  R230.00
Sure layer pellet III 40KG R214.00



Where to buy Epol Chicken Feed in SA

You can purchase Epol chicken feed from thefeedshop.co.za or visit any of their mills below.

Epol Mills is available at Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, and Gauteng.

Visit HERE https://epol.co.za/contact-us/ to get the contact details of a dealer near you.


Contact Epol

To get in touch with this chicken feed company, use the contact details below.

Physical address:



Telephone number:

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