Spurwing Horse Feed Prices & Where to Buy

I am sure you probably landed on this page because you need information about spurwing horse feed. You landed on the right page.

In this post, we are going to give you all the information you need to know about spurwing horse feed feeds. Topics under discussion will include but not limited to the following.

  • spurwing horse feed prices
  • spurwing horse feed types
  • and many more.

If you rear horses or are planning to do so, this post will be very useful to you as it will help you draw an accurate budget. Thank you.

In this post, I am going to give you a complete price list of Spurwing’s horse feeds. If you have any questions, kindly leave your comments below this article. Thank you.

The very first time you heard about horse feeds, you probably thought they only feed on grasses and that’s all. No, horses also have feeding programs like poultry and piggery do. The rules of feeding are very key. Remember them, implement them and you’ll have a good foundation upon which to build your horse care.

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Spurwing produce a premium range of high fibre, grain-free and grain-inclusive horse feed products in our dedicated horse feed mill. When it comes to horse feed in South Africa, they are known as one of the top producers.

Rules to note when feeding horses

  • Provide enough roughage
  • Feed grain in small amounts and often
  • Change feed and schedules gradually
  • Measure feed accurately
  • Feed consistently
  • Don’t feed immediately before or after exercise

Types of Spurwing Horse Feeds

Grain-Free Rations

These rations are free from maize and oats and the energy principally comes from soya oils in the full fat soya, which provides a source of cool, calm energy. The full fat soya is extruded to increase digestibility of the soya, making the protein, Omega 3 & 6, and Vitamin E more readily available for absorption. Lucerne is a wonderful source of fibre with naturally high calcium levels. All our rations have optimum vitamin and mineral inclusions to international standards.

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Grain-Inclusive Rations

Whilst a portion of the energy source remains full fat soya, the grain component is in the form of oats and extruded maize. The oats are rolled for better digestibility and nutrient absorption, and more importantly, all maize is extruded. The extrusion of maize is VITAL for the horse to reap the maximum benefits of this energy source. Extrusion allows for absorption mainly in the foregut, which has huge benefits and reduces the danger of acidosis possibly leading to colic, laminitis and azoturia. Vitamin and mineral inclusion to international standards, included in all rations.

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Breeding Rations

Spurwing Horse Feeds has outstanding breeding rations, specially formulated to nurture the needs of the broodmare, foal and young horses. Our breeding rations have an elevated calcium content and are nutrition dense to help lactating mares.

Spurwing Horse Feed Prices

Feed Price
Spurwing 11% Maintanance Meal R 355.79
Spurwing 12% Stamina R 409.98
Spurwing 12% Warmblood Meal R 428.51
Spurwing 13% Performance Meal R 434.22
Spurwing 14% Broodmare Meal R 437.07
Spurwing 14% Senior Horse R 387.16
Spurwing 14% Show Horse Meal R 391.44
Spurwing 14% Supa Growth Meal R 437.07
Spurwing 16% Supa Start Meal R 452.76
Spurwing Energy Supplement 40kg R 540.44
Spurwing Hay Presto 20kg R 191.69
Spurwing High Five R 365.77
Spurwing Lucurne Mix 20kg R 225.28
Spurwing Paddock Plus 11% 40kg R 357.21
Spurwing Tranquilo Meal R 374.33


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