Cattle Feed Prices In South Africa

cattle feed prices
cattle feed prices

If you are a cattle farmer or intend to be one, you need to know the prices of cattle feed at various feed houses in South Africa.

Knowing the prices of cattle feed will help you draw accurate budgets and guide you to successfully run a cattle farm with little or minimal cost.

Cattle farming is a lucrative business. When done well, good returns are inevitable.

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If you have no idea about the prices of cattle feed, where to purchase cattle feed, constituents of cattle feeds, etc. then you’ll find this post very useful. Stick and stay with me.

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Note: price may vary from one supplier to the other due to several factors.

It is always recommended that you prepare your own feed in order to cut exorbitant costs. However, preparation of formulated cattle g feed is beyond the scope of the article.

Also note that the prices listed here are for reference purposes only and may not reflect the actual current market prices.

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Cattle Feed Prices

In South Africa, the average price of a 50kg cattle feed costs about 195 rands. Note however that, this price is subjected to change due to several factors.

Feed Price
Cattle feed 50kg R 195


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