Epol Horse Feed Prices

Horses have over generations adapted and survived by using their speed and intelligence. Living on rich pastures the horse evolved to eat little and often. With the development of the draught horse, military horse and sport horse, feeding has greatly progressed. Today we require more specific performance from these athletes and we therefore have to provide them with the most adequate nutritional balance.

Do you need the prices of horse feed in South Africa? There are a couple of animal feed companies in South Africa. Epol happens to be one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to animal feeds. They provide several types of animal feeds ranging from poultry, piggery, horse and a lot more.

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In our previous posts, we wrote about Epol Chicken feeds. You can check that out HERE.

In this post, I am going to give you a complete price list of Epol’s horse feeds. If you have any questions, kindly leave your comments below this article. Thank you.

The very first time you heard about horse feeds, you probably thought they only feed on grasses and that’s all. No, horses also have feeding programs like poultry and piggery do. The rules of feeding are very key. Remember them, implement them and you’ll have a good foundation upon which to build your horse care.

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Before we proceed with Epol Horse feed, let us have a look at some basic rules or checklist to consider when feeding your horse.

  • Provide enough roughage
  • Feed grain in small amounts and often
  • Change feed and schedules gradually
  • Measure feed accurately
  • Feed consistently
  • Don’t feed immediately before or after exercise
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Now let’s look at the horse feed sold at Epol. Epol is scientifically formulated to give horses a perfectly balanced diet.

Types of Epol Horse Feed

  • Leisure
  • Breeding
  • Racing
  • Competition

Note: All horse feed are bagged 40 kilograms.



Epol Horse Feed Prices

Feed Price (approximate)
Epol Rider Meal R 300.00
Epol Rider Pellets 40kg R 295.25
Epol Rider Muesli 40kg R 403.61
Epol Cool Rider Cubes 40kg R 284

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