Prices Of Tombstones In South Africa

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A cemetery’s most prominent feature is its tombstones. While many cemeteries have monuments, mausoleums, and columbaria, rows of headstones are the most prevalent feature.

A tombstone was originally the stone that was placed on top of a stone coffin. A tombstone was a stone slab that was used to cover a burial. Headstones were usually used to mark the location of a grave. All of these phrases now refer to a gravestone put at the head of a burial.

The person’s name, birth date, and death date are the most common inscriptions on headstones. Other aspects could be symbolic artwork or prose containing a quotation or another epitaph. These inscriptions are frequently religious in character, and families turn to Inspirational Bible Passages for comfort.

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Some stones feature the names and details of multiple people, usually members of the same family, due to their high cost. Because of the high expense of such objects, gravestones are frequently a reflection or sign of a person’s wealth and prestige.

About Headstones

Common field stones, slate, limestone, slate, granite, marble, bronze, and sandstone are used to create headstones. Although wood is utilized, it is unlikely to last for more than a century. The easier it is to carve softer materials, but they deteriorate more quickly than harder stones like marble or granite.

All of these materials are used in Colorado, albeit slate is not often used. Visit Tombstone Materials if you’d like to see some samples of these materials.

In most American cemeteries, the headstones are placed facing east, in keeping with Judeo-Christian tradition. In Colorado, however, cemetery locations were frequently chosen because the terrain was hilly or otherwise difficult to produce.

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If the dates on a headstone are missing or have become unreadable with time, the material can aid in determining the stone’s or cemetery’s date.

The majority of graves only have a headstone. Some graves are additionally marked by a footstone, a little stone with the deceased’s initials carved on it.

Headstones can be buried in the ground immediately. These stones are known as “tablet” stones in some locations.

A base can be placed on top of or into a headstone.

Many different forms of monuments can be used to mark grave sites. Flat memorials are widespread, especially in more modern cemeteries, where current landscaping techniques make them easier to maintain.

Tombstone Types

Standard Tablet Stone

A tablet stone is the most basic sort of headstone. It is a rectangular stone. It can be buried, buried into a base, or buried atop a base.

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Domed Tablet Stone

These stones have a rounded top rather than a squared top, and are a variation on the basic tablet stone.

Shouldered Tablet Stone

A shouldered tablet stone has a more “angled” top.

Gothic Tablet Stone

There are many different tombstones in this category, which covers the most ornamented of tablet stone tops.

Prices Of Tombstones In South Africa

Tombstones in South Africa range in price from R3 000 to R20 000, depending on the size and type of granite used, as well as any additional features desired. Granite comes in a variety of colors. The most common and least priced granite is Rustenburg, which is a dark coal grey granite with light speckles.

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