Sterns Rings And Prices In South Africa

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Joseph Stern, an Austrian immigrant, built his first jewelry store in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1896, fulfilling a childhood desire. The store’s success was built on his notion that the perfect piece of jewelry could be created by combining quality and craftsmanship.

Joseph Stern distinguished himself from other jewelers by taking an interest not just in the jewelry he sold, but also in the people who wore it. He believed that the beauty of jewelry would be lost if it was only available to a select few, so he set out to design a line of jewelry that would be available to everyone.

What Sterns Rings Are Known For

Sterns, known as the “home of immaculate diamonds,” developed rapidly and was a household name by 1950. When television first came out in 1975, the words “Girl in a Million” (the jingle from their now-famous television commercial) immediately brought to mind Sterns’ emotional Bridal stance. The globe was their oyster with so little competition.

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However, nothing remains the same, and adapting to the changing market has become increasingly challenging. New attitudes, drastic increases in gold and diamond prices, interest rate hikes, and more competition from new jewellers all contributed to Sterns’ downfall. The Foschini Group bought the struggling Sterns brand in 1993 and set out to resurrect the storied brand.

Joseph Stern’s attitude is still very much alive in the organization today. Because, while the range of jewelry has evolved over the last century or two, the dream has not.

Stern Diamond Education

Diamonds, the world’s most valuable gem and a centuries-old symbol of love, are as stunning and unique as your love story. Their one billion year journey, formed under great pressure hundreds of kilometers beneath the earth’s surface, is nothing short of incredible. They were discovered over two thousand years ago in India and have since become a symbol of beauty, love, and perseverance.

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All Sterns Diamonds with a carat weight of half a carat or more are independently certified and come with a certificate of authenticity that details specific measurements and features. From the sourcing of the Diamond rough through the cutting and polishing, they assure that every step of the procedure is conducted responsibly and by the best in the industry.

Stern Gemstone Education

Morganite is a light peachy-pink stone known for its stunning purity. It is a durable gemstone that belongs to the same family as Emerald and forms a gorgeous center stone for a gemstone ring. Morganite is thought to represent love, compassion, and joy because of its pink tint.

Tanzanite ranges in color from blue to violet to purple and is only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Its high vibrational energy attracts protection and safety, as well as deep and profound meditation. It also promotes compassion, love, and joy.

Stern Metal Education

Fine jewelry would not exist without metals to hold their magnificent jewels. Jewellery can be made out of a variety of metals, making it accessible to everyone. Their precious metals are ethically obtained and authenticated, and they meet international purity standards.

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Stern Rings And Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of stern rings in South Africa.

Sterling Silver & Cushion-Cut Blue Cubic Zirconia Vineyard Women’s Ring R 799.00
Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Women’s Vintage Halo Pearl Ring R 449.00
Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Diamond Women’s Cush Riley Ring R 3,999.00
Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring R 140,009.00
White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring R 200,009.00
Gold Diamond Eclipse Women’s Ring R 9,999.00
Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring R 59,999.00
Gold Diamond Cushion Horizon Women’s Ring R 9,999.00
White Gold & Diamond Ferris Ring R 10,000.00
Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Diamond Women’s Oval Rae Ring R 3,999.00


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