Buco Cement Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to give you accurate Buco cement prices in South Africa and all the other necessary information worth knowing about Buco Cement.

About Buco Online Shop

Buco offers you the chance to shop for best building brands in the business like LaFarge, PPC, and Sephaku, Buco brings you 42.5 cement for all your strong building needs. When you need cement that’s built tough and built to last, choose a 42.5N cement from BUCO today.

Buco stocks a wide range of cement including the most competitive 42.5 cement prices around too. Buco aims to be your partner in all your building needs; after all their motto is Let’s Build Together.

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To Buco, that means offering you the best quality building materials like 42.5 cement which is slightly stronger than 32.5 cement but both are formulated to last long and be as strong as possible.

Which 42.5 cement is best to buy?

When it comes to 42.5N cement specifications and knowing which is best to buy, the choice for cement really does depend on you, the builder. In Buco’s cement section of the Building Materials department, they don’t only offer 42.5N cement for sale but also:

  • 32.5N
  • 52.5N

Here are a few questions to help you decide which cement is best for you:

  1. What building project are you taking on?
  2. Are you completing a standard build or a double or triple storey build?
  3. Have you calculated how many bags of cement (whether 32.5, 42.5, or 52.5) you will need for the build?
  4. Do you have a professional builder who will be able to assist you with the ratio of cement to water to stones etc?
  5. Do you have all the accessories and tools you need to complete the build?
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Buco Cement Prices In South Africa

BUCO Cement prices range between R 76.00 to R 103.99 with VAT across all their stores in South Africa.

Where can I buy cement online?

For quality cement at quality prices, including a range of other building materials, hardware supplies, and home décor items, shop at BUCO today. Thanks to their online platform, they are now able to offer their customers the ability to shop with them online or to shop with them in person.

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Want to come in-store and order all your cement bags and building materials in person? Buco would be happy to welcome you to any of their shops near you today.

Buco Shops In South Africa

  • BUCO Montague Gardens
  • BUCO Cape Town
  • BUCO Honeydew
  • BUCO Rustenburg
  • BUCO Pinetown
  • BUCO Nelspruit
  • BUCO Athlone
  • BUCO Blackheath
  • BUCO Wonderboom
  • BUCO Vasco
  • BUCO Kempton Park
  • BUCO Hermanus
  • BUCO Emalahleni
  • BUCO Sterkspruit
  • BUCO Port Elizabeth Walker Drive
  • BUCO Acornhoek
  • BUCO Kenton-on-Sea
  • BUCO Brackenfell
  • BUCO Polokwane-Rissik



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