Hoverboards Prices In South Africa

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A hoverboard (or hoverboard) is a personal transportation device that levitates. Many attempts have been made to create a working hoverboard since it was first described in science fiction.

Before Hoverboards

In a 1967 science fiction novel, author M. K. Joseph mentioned hoverboards for the first time. The shoot ’em up arcade video game SWAT, created by Coreland and licensed by Sega in Japan and Bally Midway in North America, featured a hoverboard in 1984.

The Back to the Future film franchise popularized the hoverboard, with its appearance in Back to the Future Part II (1989). During the 1990s, there were speculations, fanned by the film’s director Robert Zemeckis, that hoverboards existed, but were never commercialized because they were deemed too dangerous by parents’ groups. These rumors have been shown to be false.

Since the 1990s, hoverboards have appeared in a variety of other media. For example, video games like Taito’s Riding Fight (1992) and Criterion Games’ AirBlade (2001), both of which were created by Criterion Games and distributed by Sony in Europe and Namco in North America.

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Best Hoverboard To Buy For Adult Commuting

The majority of hoverboards appear to be toys. That may sound harsh, and it is, to some extent, but it’s difficult to take an adult seriously when they’re traveling on a hoverboard. The Segway Ninebot S Electric Transporter, on the other hand, is designed for adults; it has a central steering column and appears to be something adults would ride.

It handles differently than ordinary hoverboards due to the steering column. Turning is accomplished by pushing your legs together and applying pressure, which may be easier for riders who are new to hoverboards. Large 10.5-inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride, and it can travel up to 13 miles on a single charge.

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Best Hoverboard To Buy For Roller Skaters

Not everything that self-balances is a hoverboard in the “traditional” sense. The Segway Ninebot Drift W1 is a pair of self-balancing roller skates, for example. Each skate is equipped with a single wheel, and the riding experience is straightforward: lean to accelerate, slow down, and turn. However, they have a distinct appearance and are great for folks who prefer to skate.

Each skate weighs 7.7 pounds, making it easy to transport when not in use, and can operate for around 45 minutes on a single charge. They can be ridden by adults and children alike, thanks to a maximum load of roughly 220 pounds. There are no Bluetooth speakers (where would they go?) on these. They do, however, include RGB LED lights and an IPX6 splash-proof designation.

Best Hoverboard To Buy For Kids

Hoverboards for youngsters and adults have very little in common. After all, they’re primarily intended for entertainment, so even for grownups, they’re expensive toys. Most adults, on the other hand, are unlikely to want to be spotted riding the Tomoloo Hoverboard, which is aimed at children.

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It comes in a traditional black or a considerably more stylish cotton candy blue, with a ring of RGB LEDs around the steering wheel and embedded into the front and rear grills. To put it another way, this hoverboard is bright. It also features Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music while riding.

Hoverboards Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of Hoverboard in South Africa.

Demo Goboard XL 2.0 Hoverboard 10INCH- White R2 800.00
Epctek Hoverboard For Kids Two-wheel Self Balancing R5 017.00
Epctek Hoverboard Self Balancing Hoverboards With R5 184.00
Flying-ant Hoverboard 6.5 Two-wheel Self Balancing R5 854.00
Xprit Hoverboard W bluetooth Speaker R4 848.00
Epctek Hoverboard For Kids Two-wheel Self Balancing R5 854.00


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