Plastic Wood Planks Prices

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Plastic lumber (PL) is a type of plastic lumber (wood) that is created from virgin or recycled plastic (in which case it can be called RPL). When compared to wood-plastic composite lumber, it is entirely comprised of plastic.

It is often used in outdoor decking, but it is also utilized for molding and trim, as well as garden furniture such as park benches.

Plastic lumber, when properly installed, is resistant to cracking and splitting. It can be molded with or without imitation wood grain features. Even with a wood grain design, PL is visibly distinguishable from natural timber because the grains are the same uniform color as the rest of the material.

Plastic timber, according to manufacturers, is more environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than wood/plastic composites or rot-resistant wood. Plastic lumber, as opposed to wood-plastic composite lumber, is 100% recyclable after its original intended usage.

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Plastic Timber Are Produced

Plastic lumber is made from either virgin or waste polymers such as HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS, PS, and PLA. At around 400 °F (204 °C), the powder or pellets are combined to a dough-like consistency before being extruded or molded into the required shape.

Colorants, coupling agents, stabilizers, blowing agents, reinforcing agents, foaming agents, and lubricants are examples of additives that assist customize the end product to the target application. The material is shaped into solid and hollow profiles, as well as injection molded parts and products.

In a pelletizing extruder, resin, regrind, and the majority of the additives are combined and processed. The new material pellets are created and cooled in a mold. Pre-distribution testing can assist in determining the best combination of chemical agents, design, agitation, and other flow aid measures for the particular substance in use.

Modern testing facilities are available to assess materials and find the best mix of equipment components to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. Computerized performance test reports document the performance of equipment.

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Uses Of Plastic Timber

1. Decking
If you want to relax on your deck rather than constantly maintaining it, plastic lumber may be the right solution for you. Plastic timber may be incorporated into your design where genuine wood would normally be, and it is resistant to wet, rot, and hard impacts.

2. Fences
Plastic lumber, like regular wood lumber, may be custom scaled to fit your project, and it’s a perfect wood-alternative for long-term robust fences because it doesn’t require painting, repairs, or much care.

3. Window and Door Frames
The elements put exterior frames through their paces. Because it is weather-resistant, plastic wood has the aesthetic attributes of wood without the rotting and paint flaking that can age the exterior of a house.

4. Moulding/Trim
Waterproof, lightweight, and long-lasting For trim and mouldings, many builders use plastic timber. Plastic wood provides even more versatility, with the flexibility of wood to be adapted to your project.

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5. Landscaping
Whether you need a long-term solution for border walls, flower beds, or walks, our strong plastic wood can provide the support you require while withstanding moisture and wear over time.

6. Parks
Plastic wood timber is frequently utilized in the construction of park furnishings such as benches, shelters, and fencing. It is the best option since it does not split or chip, resulting in splinters for users, and it is graffiti proof.

7. Outdoor Furniture
Garden seats, benches, shelters, summer cottages, and picnic tables are all available. If you want to create your own, plastic wood is a fantastic option because it is functional and has the same appealing finish as wood.

Plastic Wood Planks Prices

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