Wood Filler Prices. Full Details

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Wood filler, sometimes known as plastic wood, is a product used to repair flaws in wood prior to finishing, such as nail holes. It is frequently made out of wood dust, a drying binder, a diluent (thinner), and, on occasion, pigment. Pore fillers for large flat surfaces, such as floors or table tops, typically use silica instead of or in addition to wood dust. Pores can be be filled without using a pore filler by applying many coats of the final finish.

The biggest issue with filler is matching the color of the filler to the color of the wood. Before applying the finish, fillers are normally sanded once they have dried.

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There are numerous brands, types, and colors available on the market. Lacquer, water-base, and linseed oil are examples of binders. Some woodworkers produce their own putty by combining fine sanding dust (rather than sawdust, which is too coarse) with wood glue or a wood finish like shellac.

Water-based vs. Petroleum-based Wood Fillers

Wood fillers are classified into two types: water-based and petroleum-based. Water-based wood fillers have a more crumbly texture, but the consistency can be adjusted by adding water as needed. Water is stated on the description as a solvent for cleaning up instruments used, so you can easily recognize water-based fillers.

Petroleum-based wood fillers, on the other hand, have a significantly smoother texture and consistency than their counterpart. These fillers will also imply the use of chemical solvents as a method of cleanup. Petroleum-based wood fillers are excellent for sealing the outermost surface of the wood, protecting it from moisture and humidity, which can cause rotting.

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These are some of the benefits of using wood fillers:

Quick-drying – In contrast to wood putty, which can remain wet and malleable for several hours after application, wood fillers dry significantly faster into a firm surface. Wood fillers are ideal for a rapid fix because certain types on the market may dry in as little as 10 minutes.

Ideal for Porous wood – The consistency of wood filler renders it unsuitable for use on finished wood. It will, however, take exceedingly well to raw, porous wood, easily filling gaps and fissures.

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Best Wood Filler

Minwax Stainable Wood Filler.
Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Filler.
Goodfilla Wood & Grain Filler.
DAP All Purpose Wood Filler.
Elmer’s E892 – Stainable Wood Filler.

Wood Filler Prices

Below are prices for wood filler in South Africa.

Smith and Co Wood Filler – Beech (250ml) R56 each
Smith and Co Wood Filler – Cherry (250ml) R56 each
Alcolin Woodfiller – Imbuia (200g) R47 each
Alcolin Woodfiller – Oak (200g) R47 each
Alcolin Woodfiller – Beech (200g) R47 each
Smith and Co Wood Filler – White (250ml) R56 each
Smith and Co Wood Filler – Mahagony (250ml) R56 each


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