PVC Pipe Price. Full Details

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Plastic pipe is a plastic tube piece or hollow cylinder. It has a circular cross-section and is mostly used to transport things that can flow, such as liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders, and masses of tiny solids.

Hollow pipes are significantly stiffer per unit weight than solid members, hence they can be employed in structural applications as well.

Drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air, irrigation, plastic pressure pipe systems, and vacuum system applications are all carried out using plastic pipework.

Types Of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are classified into four types: PVC-U (unplasticised PVC), C-PVC (chlorinated PVC), PVC-O (molecularly orientated PVC), and modified PVC. Aside from sharing many of the same features, each variety of PVC has distinct advantages for certain uses.


PVC-U is an abbreviation for unplasticised PVC, which signifies that no plasticiser (US: plasticizer) was applied to the PVC combination.

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Unplasticised PVC is also referred to as rigid PVC. PVC-U is the most often used PVC type for pipes and fittings used in drinking water, soil and waste transportation, sewage and subsurface drainage, and industrial uses.

PVC-U pipes and fittings provide numerous advantages. They are a safe option for transporting drinking water because they are light, easy to handle, and inexpensive.

High mechanical performance, long-term durability (at least 100 years for subterranean pipes), chemical resistance, and UV resistance are among the technical qualities. Furthermore, PVC-U pipes have a favorable environmental profile and are completely recyclable.


C-PVC is an abbreviation for chlorinated PVC. Many of the benefits of PVC-U are shared by C-PVC pipes and fittings. Both are suitable for use with drinking water and have a high corrosion resistance, durability, and impact resistance.

C-PVC pipes and fittings, on the other hand, can withstand a wider range of temperatures due to their higher chlorine content than regular PVC-U.

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As a result, C-PVC is a common choice for water piping systems in both residential and commercial construction. C-PVC is also far more ductile than PVC-U. C-PVC pipes and fittings are completely recyclable.


Molecularly orientated PVC (PVC-O) is produced by converting the amorphous structure of unplasticised PVC (PVC-U) into a layered structure.

PVC-O improves on the many advantages of PVC-U, such as corrosion resistance, water quality preservation, cost-efficiency and recyclability, and an unrivaled balance of strength, stiffness, and flexibility.

PVC-O pipes are particularly favorable in terms of hydraulic capacity, ductility, crack propagation, impact and fatigue resistance.

This means that PVC-O is an ideal choice for drinking water pressure pipes. PVC-O is also suitable for non-potable buried applications such as irrigation and sewer pumping mains. PVC-O pipes and fittings are fully recyclable.

Modified PVC

The addition of suitable modifying chemicals to PVC results in the formation of this class of thermoplastic alloys. The modifying chemicals improve the material’s fracture toughness and ductility by improving its toughness, impact characteristics, and resistance to crack propagation.

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Because of the increased toughness, modified PVC pipes can be fabricated with a thinner wall, resulting in material savings and improved hydraulic qualities. The alloying of PVC with modifying polymers results in improved crack resistance. As a result, the effect of stress concentrators such as scratches is reduced.

PVC Pipe Price

Below are the prices of pvc pipes in south africa.

MACNIEL S/V 50mm X 2.0MTR Pipe R79.90
PVC Waste pipe 50mm x 4m, SABS R98.90
PVC pipe 110mm x 6m above ground R449.00
PVC pipe 50mm x 6m SABS soil & vent R139.00
PVC/PP – 50/50mm Branch Tee 45 Degrees R29.53
PVC/PP Waste water Pipe 110mm Pipe – 3mtr Length Push Fit R373.35
PVC/PP Waste water Pipe 160mm Pipe – 3mtr Length Push Fit R772.48
Pvc pipe MARLEY 110mm x 2m R307.00
Pvc pipe MARLEY 40mm x 2m R82.90
Pvc pipe MARLEY 40mm x 6m R199.00


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