Vinyl Cutters Prices In South Africa

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A vinyl cutter is a low-cost sign-making machine. Vector files with patterns and letters created on a computer are directly cut on a roll of vinyl that is mounted and supplied into the vinyl cutter through a USB or serial cable. Signs, banners, and ads are the most common uses for vinyl cutters.

Vinyl cut letters are commonly used to create advertisements visible on autos and vans. Although these machines were meant to cut vinyl, they can also cut computer and speciality papers, as well as bulkier things such as thin sheets of magnet.

Vinyl cutters are often used for clothes embellishment in addition to the sign business. A vector pattern must be cut in mirror image, weeded, and then heat applied using a commercial heat press or a hand iron for home use to adorn clothing.

Some firms use their vinyl cutter to create signs as well as custom clothes. Many craftspeople also have home vinyl cutting. These require little upkeep, and the vinyl can be purchased in bulk for a reasonable price.

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Stencil artists frequently utilize vinyl cutters to make single-use or reusable stencil art and lettering.

How Vinyl Cutters Works

A computer-controlled machine is what a vinyl cutter is. Small vinyl cutters resemble desktop printers. The computer controls the passage of a sharp blade across the surface of the material in the same way that a printer controls a nozzle. This blade is used to cut shapes and letters out of thin self-adhesive plastic sheets (vinyl). Depending on the adhesive and type of material, the vinyl can then be adhered to a variety of surfaces.

A vector-based image must be made using vector drawing software in order to cut out a design. Some vinyl cutters are aimed to small home-based enterprises and need the installation and use of proprietary editing software.

The design is subsequently delivered to the cutter, which cuts along the vector paths specified in the design. The cutter can move the blade across the material on an X and Y axis, cutting it into any shape possible.

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Because the vinyl material comes in long rolls, projects with significant lengths, such as banners or billboards, can also be simply cut.

Vinyl cutters have one important limitation in that they can only cut forms from solid colors of vinyl, paper, card, or thin plastic sheets such as Mylar plastic. The type and thickness of material used for each cutter, as well as the amount of downforce the cutter is capable of, will differ. If the material does not have a backing, a backing sheet, material or cutting mat, and a temporary adhesive are required to allow the cutter to cut through it.

Each color in a multi-color design must be cut separately and then placed on top of each other as it is applied to the substrate. This is a technique used frequently in stencil art. Furthermore, because the forms are cut out of solid colors, pictures and gradients cannot be replicated using a stand-alone cutter.

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Types Of Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a type of vinyl that is used to attach a design on fabric such as t-shirts, tea towels, canvas bags, and other items. Heat transfer vinyl can be applied with either a heat press or an iron, though experts favor the consistent pressure and heat of a heat press.

Adhesive vinyl is a type of vinyl that is used for store windows, automotive decals, signage, and other applications. Transfer medium, often known as “Transfer Tape” or “Carrier Sheet,” is used to apply adhesive vinyl.

Vinyl Cutters Prices In South Africa

HWF630 Segment Vinyl Cutter Plotter – 24inch R16,995.00
Desktop Vinyl Cutter A3-24 R14,990.00
Vinyl Cutter Blade Summa Pcut Blue 60 Degree 3pcs R300.00
Vinylcutter 360mm Basic R6,500.00
Vinyl Cutter Blade yellow 30degree 3pcs R300.00


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