Balau Wood Price In Durban

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Balau hardwood is a structural hardwood that is commonly used both internally and externally. Once treated and seasoned, it will normally have a reddish-brown to purple-brown color. Depending on how it is treated, it is also known as Red Balau or Yellow Balau. South-East Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are home to this species.

Balau timber can be subjected to a lengthy treatment process. It is difficult to dry uniformly and properly, making it prone to cracking or warping throughout the treatment process. When working, make sure that any drill or nail holes are pre-bored, or better yet, avoid nailing or drilling altogether and instead use bolts to link pieces.

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Balau Wood Decking

Despite the fact that Balau timber is extremely dense and a superb structural choice for outdoor decking applications. It needs to be treated and sealed with a high-quality water-resistant coating first. To maintain a longer life expectancy, this coating must be reapplied on a regular basis. Balau will reward you for your extensive preparations and maintenance by giving you a stunning, rich red color that will last for years.

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Best Hardwood Decking Timber

Balau decking is easily identified. This is a hardwood decking option that radiates class, with a deep, dark crimson color. This decking solution is ideal if you want a deck that improves over time. It starts off rich and black, but as time passes, it loses none of its allure and takes on a silvery hue.

Balau Hardwood Retaining Walls

Balau timber has a variety of landscaping applications due to its natural-looking finish and sturdy internal structure. Balau retaining walls, in particular, are perfect due to their strength and versatility when cut to size. When planning your retaining walls, keep drainage in mind throughout the design and construction of the retaining walls and garden bed.

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Balau Wood Price In Durban

The prices for Balau wood in Durban differs since prices come based on the wood size or shape that you want it.

Available in the following sizes:
19 x 68mm from 1.2m up to 6.0m
(Increments of 0.3m)
19 x 90mm from 1.2m up to 6.0m
(Increments of 0.3m)

Prices ex VAT:
R500.00 – R730.00 per sqm

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