Plastic Bottles Wholesale. Suppliers List

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A plastic bottle is one made of high-density or low-density plastic. Water, soft beverages, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, milk, and ink are all commonly stored in plastic bottles. Sizes range from little bottles to big carboys. Consumer blow molded containers frequently include inherent handles or are made to be easily grasped.

Plastic was invented in the nineteenth century to replace conventional materials such as ivory, rubber, and shellac. Plastic bottles were initially commercially used in 1947, although they remained very expensive until the early 1950s, when high-density polyethylene was produced. Because of their lightweight nature, inexpensive production and transportation costs compared to glass bottles, they immediately proved popular with both producers and buyers.

However, the most significant benefit that plastic bottles have over glass bottles is their higher resistance to shattering in both production and shipping. With the exception of wine and beer, the food industry has nearly entirely replaced glass bottles with plastic bottles.

Types Of Plastic Bottle

Collapsible bottle

An accordion bottle, also known as a foldable bottle, is a plastic bottle meant to store darkroom chemicals or any other substance that is easily oxidized. They function by allowing you to squeeze down to expel excess air from the bottle, so extending the life of the product.

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Another advantage is that it takes up less storage, transportation, or disposal space when the bottle is empty or as the contents are scattered, as with water bottles carried by hikers. Food can also be kept fresher by collapsing.

Carbonated drinks bottles

Bottles, which are used to store carbonated water and soft drinks, have an uneven bottom for stability. Domas Adomaitis of Lithuania invented and patented the method in 1971.

Plastic Bottles Wholesale. Suppliers List

Blakelin Plastics

Blakelin Plastics cater to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household markets and supply packaging products. Our Product Range consists of Trigger Sprays, Mist Sprayer Bottles and Caps, Lotion Pump Dispensers, Hospital Pump Dispensers, Plastic Caps for Bottles, Cream Pump Bottles and Dispensers, Foam Pump Dispensers, Cosmetic Packaging Bottles, PET and HDPE Bottles.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg

Polyoak Packaging

Polyoak Packaging is a leading rigid plastic packaging supplier in southern Africa, specialising in the design and manufacturing of blow injection and compression moulded and thermoformed packaging for the industrial sector, as well as dairy, beverage and food markets. Products include; generic and customer exclusive drums, bottles, closures, buckets, tubs and PET preforms.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Cape Town, Worcester, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban, Bloemfontein, Gauteng, Middelburg, Centurion, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini

Premier Packaging

Supply Plastic Packaging : Plastic Bottles, PET Bottles and Jars, Plastic Spray Bottles, Plastic Drums, Plastic Cups & Tubs, Plastic Buckets, Detergent Bottles, Bettix & Agri Bottles, PVC Containers, Tablet Containers, Standup Plastic Pouches, Steel Drums & Tins.

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Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg,Cape Town,Durban

Schaldor Plastics

Manufacture HDPE and PP Plastic Containers, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Caps and Closures, Plastic Jerry Cans, Plastic Flat Spray Bottles, Plastic Jars, Plastic Shakers, Plastic Vitamins Jars, AFA Bottles, Plastic Oil Bottles, All Purpose Bottles and Silk Screening.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg

t3 Plastic Packaging

t3 Plastic Packaging is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rigid plastic packaging containers: Plastic Bottles, Plastic Jars, Plastic Tubs, Plastic Drums, & Plastic Jerry Cans as well as Caps and Closures. We manufacture PET, HDPE and PVC packaging containers for Cosmetic Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Automotive Packaging, Detergent Packaging, Food Packaging, Body Care and Home Care Packaging, Industrial Packaging and Promotional Packaging.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg

Cherry & Co

Cherry &Co manufacture clear plastic bottles, clear plastic jars with caps, plastic containers for cosmetic and food packaging. Plastic Containers : PET Plastic Honey Jars, PET Jars with Closures, PVC Snap-on Jars, Plastic Bottles with Caps, PET Bottles with Screw Caps; supply a range of Plastic Food Storage Containers, Plastic Jugs, Plastic Dust Bins; supply Plastic Hair Combs and Brushes, Plastic Nails; supply : Plastic Baby Bottles, Baby Feeder Cups, Plastic Baby Teething Rings, Soothers; supply : Barium Enema Syringes and Douches Cans.

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Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg


Danapak manufacture plastic packaging products including : PET and HDPE plastic bottles, plastic jerry cans, plastic containers, plastic buckets, cream containers and plastic honey jars, caps and closures, trigger spray nozzles, mist spray pumps, lotion pumps, plastic carrier bags mini, handy, midi, jumbo, plastic bags and large stronghold carrier bags, heavy duty refuse bags as well as bulk packaged detergents and hand sanitizers.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Johannesburg

Demco (Pty)Ltd

Manufacture Plastic Eye Dropper Bottles and Components, Plastic Jars, HD Vaccine Vials, Plastic Lined Screw Caps, Plastic HD, PP & PET Bottles and supply Triggers, Pumps and Sprayers. At Demco, we mould high tolerance Sterile Eye Dropper Bottles and Injection Moulded components along with Plastic Jars, Vaccine Vials and Closures that get lined in house. We supply Medical, Veterinary Vaccines Vials and Plastic Bottles manufactured in clean room conditions as well as Cosmetic and other Packaging Products.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Germiston

Tullys Plastics

Manufacture quality HDPE Polyethylene Containers, Milk and Juice Bottle Range, PET Bottles,Cosmetic and Medical Bottles and Jars, Plastic Spray Bottles, Plastic Containers, Plastic Buckets, Food Packaging Range, Plastic Jars, Plastic Caps & Closures.

Country: South Africa
Offices: Pretoria

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