Radiographer Salary in South Africa

We bring to you the salary of a radiographers in South Africa. If you’ve been wanting to know how much radiographers earn monthly in South Africa, then you are at the right place.

All the details about radiographers monthly and annual salary are elaborated in this post.

Who is a radiographer?

A radiographer is an Allied Health professional who uses x-rays to produce radiographs of patients in order to help diagnose the patient’s medical condition.

Roles of a radiographer

  • Radiographers undertaking this work not only have highly specialist skills in imaging modalities, but are experienced in the care and techniques required for scanning acutely ill patients who require urgent assessment during a critical period of the care pathway.
  • H the advanced practitioner skills to review and report the images obtained to help facilitate rapid access to thrombolytic therapy by the stroke care team, or neurosurgical review, within the short timescale required.
  • undertake the further imaging techniques such as CT Angiography and CT perfusion imaging.
  • There will also be a need for MR scanning, specifically for TIA including Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI), MR perfusion, and, in addition, Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA), Contrast Enhanced MRA (CEMRA) if appropriate, and Carotid Imaging.
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Classification of radiographers in South Africa

In SA, the following are the classification of radiographers.

  • Diagnostic radiographers
  • Specialist radiographers (nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, ultrasound, mammography, etc)
  • Policy developers and
  • Programme coordinators
Radiographer Salary
A qualified Radiographer

Salary structure/components of radiographers

The salary of radiographers is with the following additional benefits.

  • Housing = R 16780
  • Medical Aid = R 16 872 – R64 668
  • Birthday bonus = 8,333%
  • Standby allowances
  • Employer pension contribution = 13%
  • In-hospital allowance or Rural are 12% and 17%
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Now let’s look at the salary components of radiographers.

Salary of radiographers in South Africa 2020

A qualified radiographer earns between R 21 000 to R 33 000 per month. The annual salary of a radiographer is from R 317 979 – R 532 959.

Basic Salary

  Diagnostic Radiographer Specialist Policy/programme coordinators
Grade 1 R 317 979 R 395 703  
Grade 2 R 372 810 R 466119  
Grade 3 R 439 164 R 549 066  
Chief grade 1 R 466 119   R 466 119
Chief grade 2 R 532 959   R 532 959



GRADE 1 R 21 000 R 25 500  
GRADE 2 R 25 000 R 29 500  
GRADE 3 R 28 000 R 33 500  
CHIEF GRADE 1 R 29 000   R 29 500
CHIEF GRADE 2 R 33 000   R 33 000
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Like other disciplines in the health sector, radiographers are also paid according to grades and qualifications. This is to say, the higher your rank/grade/qualifications, the higher your salary.

Career options for diagnostic and specialist radiographer

  • Public sector hospitals – production or managerial
  • Private hospitals and clinics
  • The SA National Defence Force
  • Mining hospitals
  • Private radiological practices, specialized units such as angiography, computer tomography etc.
  • Universities
  • Medical representative – marketing equipment
  • Establish a private practice


NOTE: The amount mentioned above might not be the exact amount received by the SA radiographers. We at SA Insider just give an estimate based of information we have gathered. If you think you have a more accurate information, kindly let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you.

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