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Alibaba Group Holding Limited, or Alibaba, is a Chinese multinational technology corporation that specializes in e-commerce, retail, the Internet, and technology.

The company, which was founded on June 28, 1999 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services through web portals, as well as electronic payment systems, retail search engines, and cloud computing services. It owns and operates a wide portfolio of firms in a variety of economic areas around the world.

Alibaba’s first public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange on September 19, 2014, raised US$25 billion, giving the business a market value of US$231 billion and making it the largest IPO in global history.

It is one among the top ten most valuable corporations and is ranked as the world’s 31st-largest public firm on the Forbes Global 2000 2020 list. After Tencent, Alibaba became the second Asian business to surpass the $500 billion valuation milestone in January 2018. Alibaba has the sixth-highest worldwide brand valuation as of 2020.

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Alibaba is one of the largest retailers and e-commerce enterprises in the world. It was also ranked as the fifth-largest artificial intelligence business in 2020. It is also one of the largest venture capital businesses and investment corporations in the globe.

The corporation operates the world’s largest B2B (, C2C (Taobao), and B2C (Tmall) marketplaces. It has been expanding into the media industry, with sales increasing by a factor of three year after year.

It also established a new high for the 2018 edition of China’s Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online and offline shopping day.

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How does Alibaba work?

Alibaba is a wholesale platform for buyers wishing to acquire big quantities of things at the best possible price. Alibaba enables buyers to bargain directly with producers, design custom items, and save significantly on costs.

Because you buy directly from the manufacturer, it’s also the better option for acquiring private label products.

The Alibaba group operates three Chinese marketplaces (Taobao, Tmall, and, which have hundreds of millions of users and house hundreds of millions of shops and products. There isn’t anything you won’t discover in its directory, which is how it became one of the most popular online buying places.

Is Alibaba safe?

Alibaba has grown to become one of the world’s largest marketplaces since its inception in 1999. The majority of merchants on Alibaba, like many modern ecommerce marketplaces, are credible and trustworthy, making the marketplace generally safe and legit. To protect your payments through the payment platform, the company offers Trade Assurance, a verification program for select vendors.

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List Of Alibaba Agents In South Africa

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