Plain T Shirts Wholesale South Africa. Suppliers List

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A T-shirt, often known as a tee shirt, is a fabric shirt design named after the T form of its body and sleeves. It has traditionally short sleeves and a circular neckline, known as a crew neck, with no collar.

T-shirts are typically composed of an elastic, light, and cheap fabric that is also easy to clean. The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the nineteenth century to general-purpose casual clothes in the mid-twentieth century.

They are often composed of cotton material in a stockinette or jersey knit, which has a more malleable texture than woven cloth shirts.

Some recent variants have a body constructed of a continuously knitted tube generated on a circular knitting machine, resulting in no side seams on the torso. T-shirt production has become highly automated, with cloth being cut using a laser or a water jet.

T-shirts are inexpensive to create and are frequently part of quick fashion, resulting in outsized T-shirt sales when compared to other clothing.

In the United States, for example, two billion T-shirts are sold each year, while the typical Swede purchases nine T-shirts per year. The environmental impact of their components, like as cotton, which is both pesticide and water heavy, varies depending on the production process.

Plain T Shirts Wholesale South Africa. Suppliers List

  • Karma corporate wear collection
  • American Clothing- The Vault
  • Globe Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Plain Bulk T-shirt Johannesburg
  • Mass supply
  • National Clothing Distributors
  • Best clothing and gifts

Mass supply

Mass supply is based in South Africa and has been delivering high-quality clothing at wholesale prices to the industry for over thirty years. It has a rigorous trade-only policy and works hard to maintain its quality while delivering restricted brand selections with their own sought-after characteristics.

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Formal/ corporate collection
T-shirts and tops
Workwear and uniform
Service clothing
Promotional clothing


Sample clothing offers 14 days return policy
Quick and reliable delivery services
Corporate social responsibility campaign
Benefits of proactive partnership program


21 Henry Pennington (Richmond) Road, Westmead, Pinetown, 3610, KZN

Postal address: PO Box 787, Kloof, 3640, South Africa

Globe Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers:

The company’s major purpose is to gain the trust of its global clients, as they believe that client happiness is their pride. Globe clothing manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa are specialized clothing made-to-order makers of a wide range of garments for men, women, and children.


The long list of the product range does not end here but includes:

School wear
Corporate wear
Hospital wear


Promotional items
Custom printing and embroidery
Made-to-order products
Fast and efficient service


4 Fenton Rd Durban Central Durban 4001 South Africa

Plain Bulk T-shirt Johannesburg:

T-shirt in Plain Bulk Johannesburg is a local corporate clothing company that offers wholesale plain t-shirts in a variety of sizes. Plain Wholesale T-shirt Johannesburg is the ideal option for customers who are having difficulty finding plain t-shirts in bulk quantities.

They buy a large quantity of plain t-shirts directly from manufacturers in South Africa and abroad and sell them to retailers at exorbitantly low prices. The fabric used to make the t-shirts is of the highest quality and meets international quality requirements.


Golf Shirts
Sleeveless tops


T-shirt screen printing
Plain tees special offers

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5A Main Rd, Eastleigh Edenvale, Gauteng, 1609 South Africa

National Clothing Distributors:

National Clothing Distributors imports high-quality coats and jackets from Italy and Germany. You can choose from a massive choice of 20,000 unique coats and jackets ranging in size from large to tiny, antique to new.

The entire collection is unique, and there are no two identical things in the entire lot. They sell these products at a cost of R100 per kilogram of apparel. They sell high-quality clothing at ridiculously low prices.


Men and women coats
Car coats
Ladies and children overcoats


Wholesale and retail services
Excellent quality used imported coats and jackets
Clothing outlet specialist
They offer multiple payments methods


12 Borax Street, Alrode

P.O. Box 1650 Alberton 1450

American Clothing- The Vault:

American Apparel is a premium grade clothing supplier that was founded in 1970 in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa’s capital. American clothes has been serving its diversified clientele in Cape Town and South Africa for many years and has become a household name throughout the region as a result of its unselfish struggle.


Kids caps, hats, and blankets
Men’s hoodies and jeans
Men’s jerseys and jackets
Women tracksuits and sweatshirts
Men trousers and underwear


User Information is kept confidential or an email containing reformed terms of the privacy policy may be sent beforehand
The products are offered to try and test before buying
Users can pay through multiple payment method
The product is subjected to return within 30 days
In case of unavailability of the product, the company, refunds full payment


American Clothing 15 Station Rd, Wynberg, 117 Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

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Best clothing and gifts:

Best clothes is largely based in Gauteng, although they provide dedicated services throughout South Africa. Best Clothes is one of the industry’s leading custom clothing and branded apparel manufacturers and suppliers.

They outfit their clients in high-end corporate attire. They maintain personal contact with each and every client, providing specialized professional services while discussing their needs and requirements.


Corporate Clothing
Workwear and Uniforms
Custom clothing
Branding and labelling


Quick and efficient turnaround service
Offer knowledgeable advice to its loyal customers
Silk printing and labeling
Accepts payment through multiple methods as per their customer’s convenience


Unit 6 Alphen Square South 16TH Road Randjiespark Ext 67 Midrand

Karma corporate wear collection:

The company was founded in South Africa in 1998 with the goal of expanding the frontiers of women’s and men’s corporate clothing and uniform design and manufacture. Karma caters to the universal demands of businesses of all sizes in an extremely accurate manner.

Karma Clothes has worked tirelessly to build criteria that include high-quality corporate clothing fabric, updated and current trends, and haughtier customer care. Karma, as one of South Africa’s leading corporate clothing suppliers, closely monitors and ensures that all of its products go through strict quality assurance standards.

Complete range of women’s wear collection
Men’s corporate wear
Men’s staff uniforms
Tunics and jumpsuits


Quick delivery of Corporate clothing
Custom design
Energetic, professional, and loyal approach
Free returns and exchange policy


77 5th Street Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

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