Wood Glue Price. Full Details

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Because of its natural tones and grain patterns, wood has established a solid reputation as a one-of-a-kind building material over the years.

Furthermore, due of its porous and soft surface, wood is relatively straightforward to work with, making it simple to screw or glue and link parts with nails.

Fasteners are typically used to correctly join wood, which implies that you will add some wood glue between the wood pieces before screwing them together to produce a flawless bond.

When looking for your next repair project or woodwork, you should pay special attention to the sort of wood glue you choose.

It is important to note that not all wood glue is created equal, and making the appropriate decision will provide you with the most critical bond while retaining the gloss and integrity of your wood’s finish and providing you with the strongest possible bond.

How To Choose The Best Wood Glue

When purchasing this glue, the first thing to consider is its composition in terms of the bonding agents and chemical variations that comprise the adhesive’s bonding system. Also, keep in mind that the bond can be yellow or white, which can make a big difference in the appearance of the wood grain. The glue is available in a variety of adhesive strengths and viscosities.

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When looking for the right type of wood glue, the first thing to look for is the chemical bonding agent that makes up the glue’s bonding system.

Types Of Wood Glue

Knowing the many types of wood glue will help you narrow down your search. The following are the five major types of glue:

1. Cyanoacrylate (CA) Wood glue

This glue is primarily used for joining two hard pieces of material, and it is the finest choice for simple and quick repairs due to its quick set or cure. When the glue dries, it forms a complicated plastic-like link. However, when applied, the glue may become sloppy and runny. Furthermore, because it has industrial-grade bonding power, you must be careful not to get the adhesive on your hands or fingers, as it can instantaneously bond your skin.

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One of the most frequent glues found in the home is polyvinyl acetate. This glue is both inexpensive and effective for basic indoor jobs. The adhesive is non-toxic and easy to remove with water. Some glues contain cross-linking polyvinyl acetate, which strengthens the bond’s water resistance. As a result, you can use it for a variety of outdoor woodworking tasks.

3. Epoxy-based glue

This glue employs a dual bonding method, the hardener and resin, that is specifically developed to fill gaps in hardwood and softwoods. It also works well for cementing two pieces of wood together. However, it takes some time for them to bond. In order to generate a stronger bond, the wood should be clamped down. Although some epoxy woods are specifically designed for indoor usage, some glues are water-resistant and may be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

4. Hide glue

Hide glue is created from animal hide, and certain hide glues are made as a solid substance that must be applied with a brush in the shape of a dependable sense. Some glues are sold in the form of a liquid in an applicator container. This sort of glue can be used to restore antique furniture and has a distinct cracking look.

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5. Polyurethane Wood Glue

This adhesive is one of the most lasting and sturdy glue types available. It is also rather adaptable, since it can be used for a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, and concrete. Because of its strength, this glue may be used on both natural and softwoods. However, it would be beneficial if you remembered to moisten the surface before applying polyurethane wood glues.

Wood Glue Price

Below are the prices of wood glue in south africa.

Genkem Carpenter’s Cold Glue – White (5L) R650
Genkem Carpenter’s Cold Glue – White (125ml) R45
Ponal Water Resistant Wood Glue (500ml) R125
Ponal Water Resistant Wood Glue (200ml) R88
Soudal Wood Adhesive – White (250g) R68
a.b.e. Grip A Bloc – Black (1L) R220
Genkem Quickset Woodweld – White (100ml) R63
Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue (250ml) R86
Alcolin Cold Glue – White (500ml) R98
Gorilla Woodglue – Natural Wood (118ml) R115


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