Medical Intern Salary in South Africa

In this post, we at South Africa Insider are going to give you all the facts about Medical Intern Salary in South Africa.

You are here probably because you want to know how much Medical Interns are paid in South Africa. A lot of questions have been asked concerning this topic.

Physicians are primarily trained to diagnose and treat sicknesses. They prescribe medications, perform major and minor surgeries, give medical advice and many more.

In our previous post, we discussed Doctors Salary. This however, focuses on medical interns.

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If you want to go to medical school or currently in training, you need to know the average salary a medical intern is paid in South Africa.

medical doctor
medical doctor

Summary of article

  • Medical Intern doctor salary in South Africa
  • Components of their salary

NB: Medial interns are also entitled to allowance like the what the general practitioners and specialists enjoy.


Medical Intern salary in South Africa

Let us have a look at the elements of the salary below

  • Total Cost to Employer
  • Rural or Inhospitable allowance
  • overtime
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  Gross salary per annum Gross Salary Per month
No allowance R 688 197,28 R 57 349,77
In-hospitable allowance R 751 384,88 R 62 615,41
Rural allowance R 765 487,58 R 63 790, 63


A medical inters earns a gross salary of R 57 349,77- R 63 790,63 per month.


  • medical aid = R 1500 – R 7000
  • housing: R 800 – R 2000
  • Trade Union = R 100 – 200
  • Indemnity cover
  • Dreaded diseases and life insurance
  • Income protection
  • Retirement annuities
  • Professional association fees
  • Phone = R 100 – R 2 700 per month
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Things to note

  • After completing your community service, you’ll be eligible for grade 1
  • The clinical manager is a supervisory service. One is eligible for this position after completing the community service and working three years as a medical officer.


Career options

  • continue as a medical officer
  • private General practioner
  • specialize
  • corporate/administration
  • NGO/Research
  • Mining hospitals
  • Locum
  • Emigrate
  • Immigrate

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