Psychologist Salary in South Africa

This post brings you psychologists salary in South Africa. All salaries discussed here are more related to the public sector.

If you are a psychology student you will better understand the salary and carefully plan your career path going forward.

Students wishing to study psychology in South Africa will now be aware of the salaries in the public sector and will now understand if the psychology degree is worth it to pursue.

We are going to answer the following questions with this article.

  • How much do clinical psychologists earn per month?
  • How much do psychologists make in SA per annum in the government sector?
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Let’s get started.

Someone with a psychology degree in South Africa can practice in the following domains:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Counselling psycology
  • Educational psychology
  • Industrial psychology
  • Research psychology
  • Neuro-Psychology
  • Forensic psychology

You have to be registered with the required professional regulatory body.

Grades of Psychologists in South Africa

  • Psychologist (Intern)
  • Psychologist (Community service)
  • Psychologist Grade 1
  • Psychologist Grade 2
  • Psychologist Grade 3
  • Principal Psychologist Grade 1
  • Principal Psychologist Grade 2
  • Chief psychologist GRADE 1
  • Chief Psychologist Grade 2


Components of psychologist’s salary in SA

The basic components of psychologists Salary in South Africa are:

  • Rural allowances and
  • Total cost to employer package
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  Net salary per month (in-hospitable) Net Salary Per Month (rural)
Psychologist (Intern) R 39 211 R 40 242
Psychologist (Community service) R 41 170 R 42 263
Psychologist Grade 1 R 41 403 R 42 672
Psychologist Grade 2 R 46 970 R 48 402
Psychologist Grade 3 R 53 150 R 54 812
Principal Psychologist Grade 1 R 55 891 R 57 655
Principal Psychologist Grade 2 R 62 689 R 64 706
Chief psychologist GRADE 1 R 77 270 R 79 830
Chief Psychologist Grade 2 R 83 598 R 86 208


From the table above, a psychologist earns an average of R 42 672 – R 54 812, a principal psychologist earns between R 57 655 – R 64 706 monthly and chief psychologist earns a maximum of R 90 000 per month.

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This clearly indicates that the higher your rank, the higher your salary will be.

psychologist salary in SA
A clinical psychologist

Duties of A Psychologist

What are the basic functions of psychologist in society?

Psychologists may evaluate patient behavior through experiments, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. It may be necessary for them to give personality, performance, aptitude or intelligence tests, and it’s up to them to determine when those tests are needed.

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