Doctors salary in South Africa

In this post, we at South Africa Insider are going to give you all the facts about the salary of doctors in South Africa.

You are here probably because you want to know how much doctors are paid in South Africa. A lot questions have been asked concerning doctors salary in South Africa.

Physicians are primarily trained to diagnose and treat sicknesses. They prescribe medications, perform major and minor surgeries, give medical advice and many more.

Like most countries, the more one’s year of experience as a doctor, the higher their salary. This implies that senior medical doctors will definitely earn a higher salary as compared to junior doctors with little or no experience.

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Specialist, surgeons, consultants and higher-level doctors are paid very well than those who just entered the profession.

If you want to go to medical school, you need to know the average salary a doctor is paid in South Africa.

Summary of article

  • Intern doctor salary in South Africa
  • Surgeon’s salary
  • General doctor salary
  • And many more

General Practitioners (GPs) in the public sector are referred to as medical doctors.


Doctors salary in South Africa

Let us have a look at the elements of the salary below

  • Total Cost to Employer
  • Rural or Inhospital allowance
  • overtime
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There are three basic ranks of medical doctors namely the GPs, Specialists and those in Management.

Now let’s see the salaries of each of the ranks of doctors in South Africa.

Gross salary per annum Net Salary per month
Community service R 853 468,11 R 48 721, 60
Community service (opting out of pension R 914 082, 30 R 53 421, 14
Medical officer grade 1 R 1 052 218, 59 R 58 093, 10
Medical officer Grade 2 R 1 203 104, 44 R 65 207, 69
Medical officer Grade 3 R 1 396 235, 09 R 74 314, 21
Clinical manager grade 1 R 1 504 130, 40 R 79 401, 71
Senior clinical manager grade 2 R 2 087 062, 61 R 105 216, 37
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Things to note

  • After completing your community service, you’ll be eligible for grade 1
  • The clinical manager is a supervisory service. One is eligible for this position after completing the community service and working three years as a medical officer.
medical doctor
medical doctor

All questions answered

How much do doctors earn per month in South Africa?

On the average, doctors in South Africa earns between ZAR 50,000 - ZAR 120,000. This depends on your rank.

Which is the highest paying job in South Africa?


Career options

  • continue as a medical officer
  • private General practioner
  • specialize
  • corporate/administration
  • NGO/Research
  • Mining hospitals
  • Locum
  • Emigrate
  • Immigrate

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