Marine Plywood Prices In South Africa

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Marine plywood is the highest grade of plywood available in the industry. This means that marine plywood has the highest grade of any type of plywood. In India, the IS grade of marine plywood is IS710. In layman’s terms, marine plywood is often BWP, or boiling waterproof plywood.

Because of its great water resistance, the name of this plywood suggests that it is utilized in the boat construction sector. Boats must be extremely water resistant. As a result, they are designed to tolerate prolonged exposure to water. While BWP grade can accomplish this, BWR can only do it for a limited amount of time. BWP grade is an excellent choice for homeowners and architects when designing furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas.

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Is Marine Plywood Waterproof?

Marine plywood is made from water-resistant tropical hardwood, and because these hardwoods are naturally water-resistant, they outperform other forms of plywood in conditions when moisture levels are higher.

Reasons You Should Get Marine Plywood

1. Marine plywood uses high quality modified resin:

The adhesives used in the manufacture of marine plywood are synthetic plastic resins, namely a Phenol Formaldehyde resin with high adhesive qualities. The use of high-quality resins aids in the blocking of all moisture and water. Good brands utilize undiluted resin to ensure that the quality of the plywood is not jeopardized.

2. They are used for exterior and high water-exposure applications:

As previously said, these plywood have a high water resistance. As a result, marine-grade is employed outside as garden furniture or stairwells. According to the name, they are utilized in the boat-building sector where there is a lot of exposure to water. For the same reason, they are recommended for bathroom and kitchen applications.

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3. Marine-grade plywood has unmatchable strength:

Marine plywood is the strongest in the plywood business due to the use of high-quality resins and wood. They are well-known for their tenacity and durability. The waterproof nature of these sheets keeps the integrity of your furniture intact.

4. They are heavy on the wallet:

Marine-grade plywood is approximately twice as expensive as the moisture-resistant counterpart, commercial plywood. The price of marine plywood varies from brand to brand, but the price of plywood sheets varies more due to the grade of resin and timber used to create them.

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The utility of marine plywood is extensive, which may have an impact on the marine plywood pricing in the plywood business. They have an exceptional surface finish for both home and commercial applications.

Marine plywood is impact-resistant and scratch-resistant due to its strong exterior. These characteristics contribute to their widespread use in commercial and residential construction.

Marine Plywood Prices In South Africa

The prices of Marine Plywood in South Africa ranges from R830.00 – R1,000.00, this price may change depending on the size and quantity.

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