Wood Kitchen Countertops Prices South Africa

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Wood countertops are an old-world concept that has never gone out of vogue. As homeowners sift through kitchen and bath design alternatives in an ever-changing world of materials and styles, the wood countertop remains a classic. Wood’s gorgeous appearance and natural feel are difficult to match with any other tabletop material. However, wood has considerable drawbacks, particularly when utilized in the harsh atmosphere of a kitchen.

Wood Countertop Styles

The sheer amount of variations and design upgrades available with wood countertops is one of the nicest features. Flat grain, end grain, and edge grain are the most common styles. Wood counters can also be customized with inlays, checkerboard patterns, borders, and stripes (using a combination of wood species).

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When you start shopping, you’ll see the superb craftsmanship of the various species that are used to make wood countertops. The following are some of the best wood species to use for a countertop:

  • Bamboo (technically a grass but often treated as a wood)
  • Brazilian cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Walnut
  • Wenge

Talk to your provider about the end goal for your wood countertop when selecting a species. The provider can advise you on which wood species will function best in different uses, such as bars, butcher block food prep areas, or counters with mounted sinks.

Wood Countertops’ Durability

Wood is a forgiving and soft material. When you drop a wine bottle from a few inches onto a granite surface, it shatters. Fragile objects, on the other hand, are considerably safer with wood. Because wood countertops are soft, they are prone to scratching and cracking, especially if not properly maintained. Fortunately, if you notice a few minor scratches or cracks, wood can be sanded and these problems can be readily resolved.

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Protecting Wood Countertops

Wood countertops, aside from minor scratches, are generally easy to maintain if they are covered with a finish. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends food-safe mineral oil, which is also odorless and colorless, as the finish of choice for butcher block tops if the surface will be used for both cutting and food preparation. The disadvantage here is that mineral oil finishes must be reapplied once a month to remain effective. Commercial food-safe tung oil treatments, some of which are color-infused, can be successful and only need to be redone every six months or so.

Wooden Countertops And Stains

Wooden countertops are susceptible to staining. Many stains on a wood countertop, like scratches, can be sanded off, but this will damage the wood finish, and some finishes are difficult to match new with old (colorless oil is a notable exception). If you want to use the top as a cutting surface and want an oiled top with a sink, make sure to keep up with wiping dry any standing water and sanding out any discoloration that arises. In this case, frequent re-oiling will be required.

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Wood Kitchen Countertops Prices South Africa

The price of wood kitchen countertop in south africa depends on the size of kitchen set up you want, the style and the kind of wood you will want to use. Your designer will be the best to give you the best estimate for you wood kitchen countertop.

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