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Plywood is a manmade wood that is formed by gluing together many thin sheets of wood with the grain running alternately along and across the sheet.

Each layer of veneer is typically 3 mm thick. The interior layers of these boards are often constructed of a less expensive wood, while the exterior veneer layers are made of a more expensive wood to give the board a pleasing wood grain appearance. The adhesive layers are heated together to improve the bonding of the seal.

The durability of plywood against cracking, shrinking, and changing shape is a popular argument for adopting it instead of ordinary wood. It is less expensive and more durable than most common woods.

It is used to construct a variety of products ranging from shelters to cladding to cupboards. It is ranked according to quality, from A to D, with A being the finest and D being the worst.

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Plywood is manufactured for a variety of reasons. Marine plywood, for example, is extremely water resistant. Plywood for structural reasons is manufactured on a global scale. IKEA is well-known for using plywood and chipboard in the majority of their indoor and outdoor furniture goods.

Common Forms Of Plywood Sheets

The greater the number of plies in a sheet of plywood, the greater its strength and stability.

  • Three-ply sheets are often thin and flexible, but they lack strength.
  • Five-ply sheets are a little thicker and tougher, but still light and economical enough for sheathing homes and roofs.
  • Plywood with seven or more plies is normally 34 inches thick, but this varies depending on the thickness of each ply (which varies by manufacturer). These sheets are extraordinarily sturdy, but they are also very heavy. They are commonly utilized in applications such as subflooring, cabinetry, and furniture.
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Standard Plywood Sizes

Plywood sheet sizes, like most building materials, are specified in length and height. Almost all structural plywood sheets, for example, are 4 feet wide. This enables them to fit comfortably on the back of a truck or on a store shelf while still spanning four studs framed 16 inches on-center.

When it comes to length, plywood sheets are generally always 8 feet long (though 10-foot and 12-foot lengths do exist). An 8-foot piece of plywood can span 8 studs spaced 16 inches on center. These standardized sizes make it easy to estimate, carry, and use plywood correctly.

Plywood Thickness Varies

Pay close attention to the thickness of the plywood: there is frequently a 1/32-inch difference between the quoted value and the actual one. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including sanding after the plies have been fused together, different adhesive thicknesses, or even changes in air conditions. Apart from fine furniture making, a scant 1/32 of an inch is rarely an issue, but it can build up across a bank of cabinets.

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What To Do Before Buying A Plywood

When selecting plywood at your local lumberyard or home improvement center, keep in mind these basic considerations:

• Good-quality veneer provides a nice symmetrical pattern.

• Seek out a flat sheet with core layers that feel even and not warped.

• On the edges, there shouldn’t be too many knots or voids.

Plywood Sheet Price

Below are the prices of Plywood sheet in south Africa

Col Timbers Hardwood PAR Quadrant (22 x 94 x 3000mm) R569
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (44 x 44 x 1800mm) R299
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR Quadrant (22 x 144 x 3000mm) R869
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (22 x 220 x 3000mm) R1,299
Col Timbers Hardwood PAR (22 x 22 x 3000mm) R129
Col Timbers Hardwood Quadrant – Untreated (32 x 32 x 2400mm). R239


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