Inflatable Swimming Pool Prices. Full Details

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Inflatable pools are a great way to enjoy the sun and cool off in the heat, especially if you have limited space or choose fast installation and low-maintenance upkeep.

When the weather warms up, a swimming pool is a great way to have fun, cool down, and relax, but not everyone has the space, budget, or time to maintain a permanent above-ground pool. You can take a dip without breaking a sweat if you have the correct inflatable pool—one that is well-made and fulfills your household needs.

When the weather is nice and it’s time to put on your suit, consider one of these recommendations for the best inflatable pool on the market for all ages and budgets.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Inflatable Pool

When looking for an inflatable swimming pool, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The type of swimming pool, its size and shape, the materials used, and how it is assembled are just a few of the most significant factors to consider while searching for inflatable pools.

Type and Material

The following varieties of inflatable swimming pools are available to accommodate different age groups:

Adult inflatable pools are an excellent alternative to a permanent above-ground pool for both children and adults to enjoy. These family-sized models are the largest options, and some models include additional accessories for maintaining the pool.

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Inflatable kiddie pools are often designed to fit two adults and a few kids, or three to five children. These shallower inflatable pools tend to be for children ages 2 or 3 and up.
Inflatable baby pools are suitable for families with very young children. These kids’ pools are small and shallow, intended for safe splash play with parental guidance. These pools usually accommodate one or two little ones.

Inflatable play centers are interactive pools for children, featuring exciting blow-up pool toys, water sprayers, slides, wading areas, and the like, depending on age group. If you want to go all-out for your kids, and this purchase is mostly for them, one of these pools could be a nice treat.

Inflatable pools typically, layers of thick vinyl are used to produce an airtight seal. The more layers it has, the more durable the structure. “TriTech” or “FiberTech” materials are triple-ply and puncture-resistant. The best inflatable pools for adults have reinforced sidewalls composed of stronger laminated PVC, a material commonly used in safety rafts that extends the pool’s life.


Pools for both children and adults can be as broad as 10 feet or more, with a depth of 3 to 4 feet, though most possibilities are in the 8 to 10 foot range. Kiddie pools are often little more than a few feet in diameter with a depth of one or two feet, whereas baby pools are typically 7 to 10 inches wide and as shallow as a few inches. The size of a play center varies greatly, from personal-sized baby pools to big, tall constructions akin to a backyard play structure.

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Manufacturers commonly specify capacity in gallons in addition to pool measurements. A baby pool can hold 20 to 50 gallons, a kiddie pool can hold 30 to 300 gallons, and a family-sized pool can hold 500 to 3,000 gallons or more.

How To Setup Inflatable Pools

One of the most significant advantages of an inflatable swimming pool over a permanent pool is its ease of installation. It’s preferable to lay a tarp on the ground beneath a new pool before filling it with water. This shields the vinyl bottom lining of the pool from any sharp objects on the ground, like as rocks and sticks. The ground should be leveled and flat.

The inflatable pools must then be filled with air. Because of its size, an air compressor may be a desirable buy to expedite inflation. After the pool has been inflated, it’s time to get out the garden hose. Filling an inflatable pool might take anywhere from an hour to two days, depending on its size. For specific instructions, always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and setup guide.

Maintenance Of Inflatable Swimming Pool

Following the installation of the pool, careful upkeep will guarantee that the water remains fresh, clean, and safe for swimming. To begin, a pool skimmer or net is required to scrape away heavy trash. A pool vacuum or water filter successfully cleans water if the pool is large enough. When not in use, a cover is one of the simplest ways to keep the pool clean by protecting the water from leaves, bugs, and debris.

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To maintain the water clean, use test strips to check the pH and chlorine levels on a regular basis. Chlorine helps sanitize the water, and pH levels determine how the water feels, as excessively acidic water can cause irritation. Pool experts recommend 1 to 3 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine, as the amount required is determined on the number of gallons of water in the pool. Because chlorine is a chemical, it is usually better to get the advice of a specialist before using it.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Prices

Below are the prices of inflatable swimming pool in south africa.

Intex Fishbowl Pool R159.95
Intex Sunset Glow Pool R279.99
Intex Play Box Pool R159.99
Intex Sunset Glow Pool R149.99
Intex Dinosaur 3 Ring Baby Pool 61 X 22CM R79.95
Intex Pool With Detachable Sun Shade 157 X 157 X 122CM R549.95
Intex My First Pool 61 X 15CM R54.95
Intex Cool Dots Pool R199.95

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