Baby Swimming Pool Prices In South Africa

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Infant swimming is the reflex movement of human babies and toddlers through water while adjusting their rate of respiration and heart rate in response to being immersed. The bradycardic response is the slowing of the heart rate and respiration.

It is not true that babies are born with the capacity to swim, despite having primitive reflexes that give the impression that they are. Babies aren’t old enough or strong enough to keep their heads above water, and they can’t swim without assistance.

Most infants, though not all, will reflexively hold their breath when submerged to protect their airway and can survive brief immersion in water.
Swimming lessons are also available for infants.

Although this may be done to lower their drowning risk, the results on drowning risk are not trustworthy. Babies can imitate swimming gestures and reflexes but are unable to swim physically.

The Benefits Of Baby Swimming

There are many benefits of baby swimming even if it is a slightly daunting experience for most parents trying it for the first time.

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For the most part there is nothing to worry about. Infants can start swimming from birth. Be aware though that babies can chill easily, so consider the temperature of the pool.

Many swimming lessons start from around three months, however, you are encouraged to check with your health visitor before enrolling.

Don’t forget, you can get your baby prepared for swimming before you go to the pool.

You can use bath time at home to get your baby used to the feeling of being immersed in water and the splashing of the water.

Benefits of Baby Swimming

  • Swimming is one of the best loved family activities. It is the largest participation sport in the UK and many children say it is their favourite family pastime. So, one of the benefits of baby swimming is that it starts building water confidence early.
  • Swimming helps to improve coordination and balance. Because much of your baby’s body is supported by water, the main focus for them is on maintaining balance. On the whole, babies who swim have a much better balance out of the pool.
  • Swimming helps to build muscles. Working and strengthening all of their muscles effectively helps to make them stronger.
  • Swimming provides quality bonding time. We always have less time that we would like with our kids; it is an unfortunate effect of being so busy. Time in the pool is one of the few times when your child has your undivided attention for the duration, so make the most of it.
  • Swimming strengthens your baby on the inside. While swimming will help to develop their muscles and joints, it also improves the strength of their heart and lungs, and helps to develop their brain.
  • Swimming can improve their sleeping pattern. While it isn’t going to make them sleep through the night every night, the extra exercise will help to make your baby sleepier.
  • Swimming can improve a baby’s appetite. Lots of gentle exercise and warm water helps to make a baby hungry, so make sure you have some sort of snack or milk for after they finish.
  • Swimming builds water confidence. Many parents pass on an uneasiness of water to their children because they themselves are not confident swimmers. Going in the water with your baby will not only make them more assured about being in and around water, it can build your confidence too!
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Baby Swimming Pool Prices In South Africa

Below are the prices of baby swimming pool prices in South Africa.

Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, 119in X 90in X 44in, for Ages 2+ ZAR 1086
Members Mark Elegant Family Pool 10 Feet Long 2 Inflatable Seats with Backrests. ZAR 1389
Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool, 45 x 10″ ZAR 342
3 Rings Kiddie Pool for Toddler, 48”X12”,Kids Swimming Pool, Inflatable Baby Ball Pit … ZAR 482
Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117″ X 76″ X 53″, For Ages 2+ ZAR 1289
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