Borehole Pumps Prices Full Details

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South Africa’s dam levels have dropped by up to 60% as a result of the drought, which has been the worst in 100 years. A borehole is a relatively narrow hole that is bored in order to access a water source. The borehole is typically between 30 and 100 meters deep.

The borehole pump is a vertical pump that transports groundwater to the surface. There are some key needs for a borehole pump, such as material resistance, however the requirements for a borehole pump will vary depending on numerous aspects, such as water depth and sand levels.

Selecting The Right Borehole Pump

It is critical to choose the right borehole pump. A borehole pump should last the owner at least ten years. The cost of maintaining the pump will always exceed the cost of the original pump over time, which is why choosing the proper pump is critical for lowering maintenance costs.

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This advice has been developed by AQS Liquid Transfer so that you do not incur additional expenditures or purchase fees as a result of picking the incorrect borehole pump. It is also vital to examine what you intend to use the borehole pump for – irrigation, home use, farming, mining, or filling a tank or reservoir – since these will all have an impact on the type of pump you require.

Importance Of Borehole Pump Size

Borehole pumps typically range in size from 4 to 6 inches, with smaller boreholes at 3 inches and larger boreholes at 8 inches used for greater industrial water pumping requirements. We sell a wide selection of pumps from 3″ borehole motors to 8″ borehole motors for agricultural or industrial usage at AQS Liquid Transfer.

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Each borehole will be drilled to a set diameter, allowing you to select the appropriate borehole pump size. Before purchasing a pump, examine the age of the borehole and measure the diameter, as the sidewalls may have corroded or built up deposits over time, requiring a different diameter.

Flow And Pressure Rate You Will Need

Flow rate refers to how quickly water must be pumped. Flow rate is also affected by how many functions the pump performs, like as irrigation systems, tank size, and dam size. The same is true for the quantity of units directed to industrial usage by the pump.

Pressure rate is the calculated pressure at which the system must run; it is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • How far away is the endpoint from your pump?
  • Do I need low or high pressure at the endpoint?
  • How deep is the borehole and what is the level of the water?
  • For irrigation applications, how many sprinklers will operate at a time?
  • What is the elevation of the ground from the pump surface to the furthest point?
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Consideration of these factors will assist you in determining the appropriate flow rate for your borehole pump and ensuring that the machine is operating at peak energy and cost-efficiency.

Borehole Pumps Prices

4 Inch Borehole Pump Kits
  • 0.37 KW – 4 Inch – Borehole Pump Kit. R2,916.00
  • 0.55 KW – 4 Inch – Borehole Pump Kit. R3,111.00
  • 0.75 KW – 4 Inch – Borehole Pump Kit. R4,100.00

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