River Sand Price in South Africa

If you intend to build, you’ll definitely need river sand. Knowing the cost of river sand in South Africa will help you to draw accurate budgets for the project.

We bring you the price of a trip of river sand in Ghana. River sand is one of the most used building materials as it is needed for the production of concrete and cement. Natural river sand, mined from river beds, is the preferred choice due to its fine consistency.

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The real estate industry in South Africa has gained massive attention by businessmen and investors from all over the world.

It is a booming industry that promises returns within few years when everything is done right.

Due to this, the cost of a trip of sand has become higher than it used to be. As an individual, a real estate agent or someone who is into general construction you need to know the current prices of building materials, especially sand.

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A trip of river sand cost may differ depending on the capacity of the track, the location of the project and several other factors.


Cost of river sand in South Africa (Cashbuild, Guateng, Near Me)

Currenlty the price of river sand starts from a cost of R 70,000 per truckload.

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As mentioned earlier, the major factor that can influence price is the size of the truck carrying the sand. The bigger the truck the higher the price will be.

Also, the type of sand determines the price. See the types of sand and their respective prices in Mzanzi Cedis below.

River sand is mostly fine and the grain size ranges from 0.125mm to 0.25mm


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