Greystone Nutec Houses Price List. Full Details

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About Greystone Trading Company

Greystone Trading cc is a company that specialises in low-cost housing and remodelling. Nutec houses, Wendy houses, pre-cast concrete walls, carports, and paving are among their specialties.

Prices for these improvements can be exorbitant, but Greystone Trading cc can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions for all of your home and business development needs.

They know exactly what you’re searching for if you want to upgrade your property and undertake some modifications.

Their Nutec Buildings and Wendy Houses come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs—conveniently, both of these types of houses are well-suited to serve as housing and office facilities for mining or construction worker camps.

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They’re also great if you want to make a ‘play-house’ for your kids in your backyard.

Why You Should Choose Greystone Trading cc

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for low-cost accommodation! Greystone carries Vibracrete walls in addition to the reasonably cost Nutec and Wendy Houses.

Although Cape Town is a lovely place to live, the cost of living can be daunting at times. Greystone’s pricing is all exceptional, but their Wendy House prices are unbeatable! So, if you want to pamper yourself while also improving your house or business, go with Greystone for low-cost solutions and a satisfaction guarantee.

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Greystone Nutec Houses Price List

Below is the price list of Nutec Wendy houses at Greystone trading cc.


width length price
1.5m 1.8m R8000
1.8m 1.8m R8500
1.5m 2m R9500
2m 2m R10000
2.4m 2.4m R10500
2m 3m R11000
3m 3m R11500
3m 6m R17000
3m 5m R15500
3m 7m R21000
3m 9m R23000
3m 12m R27000
3m 15m R32000
6m 6m R26000
6m 9m R33000
6m 12m R39000
4m 4m R16000
4m 6m R21000
4m 9m R26000


width length price
1.8m 1.8m R11500
1.8m 1.5m R10250
1.5m 1.5m R10000
2m 2m R13000
2.4m 2.4m R14500
3m 3m R16000
3m 4m R18500
3m 6m R24500
3m 7m R27500
3m 9m R32000
3m 12m R41000
4m 6m R31000
4m 9m R40000
6m 6m R39000
6m 9m R51000
6m 12m R61000
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Contact And Address Of Greystone 

To find out more about what Greystone Trading cc can do for you, visit their website,, e-mail them at info@greystonetrading , or give them a call on +2721 761 9891. You can also visit them at their premises – 622 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, South Africa. Their staff members are on hand to provide friendly assistance in attending to your all of your low cost housing or home improvement needs.

Thank you for reading this post, hope to see you soon.

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