Slimline Water Tanks Prices in South Africa

In this post, we bring you all you need to know about slimline water tanks. We’ll focus on the prices, available sizes, where to buy and other useful information. Whether you want to harvest and store rainwater to cater for impending shortages, or you need to store water for your building project, slimline tanks may be the ideal choice for you.

Water is a very essential component of human lives. Its absence makes live almost unbearable. Water storage is very important in most African countries including South Africa. Almost every home in South Africa in one way or the other store water.

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The best way to store water is to use a tank. Slimline water tanks happen to be one of the most sought-after water storage tanks on the South African market.  This tank is an ideal option when there is space limitations and restrictive aesthetic requirements.

Slimline water tanks are manufactured by Jojo tanks in South Africa, a polyethene tank manufacturer with high expertise in the field. You get a whooping ten years manufactures guarantees when you buy a slimline tank.


Slimline water tank sizes

The purpose for which you want to store water will determine the size of tank you’ll need. Storeage of water for a small household requires a smaller size tank as compared to storing water for building projects.

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If you are not sure of the size and shape that will fit your home, experts can come around and measure the dimensions of where you want to put your tank, and get you the right one.

Below are the available sizes of slimline tanks.

  • 750 litre
  • 1000 litre
  • 2500 litre
  • 20L
  • 5500L
  • 90L
  • 210L
  • 900L


Slimline tank prices

Tank Size (in litres) Price (in Rands)
JoJo Slimline Water Tank – Cloudy Grey 1000L R2,300
JoJo Slimline Standard Water Tank – Green 750L R2,090
JoJo 20L Beverage Tank – Wintergrass 20L R210
JoJo 20L Beverage Tank – Khaki Brown 20L R210
JoJo 5500L Horizontal Water Tank – Green (2545 x 2090 x 1505mm) 5500L  
JoJo 2000L Septic Tank – Black (1500 x 1550mm) 2000L R6,730
JoJo Low Profile Water Tank – Green 5000L  
JoJo Drum Screw On Lid – Royal Blue 90L  
JoJo Drum Screw On Lid – JoJo Green 210L R850
JoJo Horizontal Water Tank – Green 900L R4,175
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slimeline water tanks
slimeline water tanks

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