Intercape Bus Prices And Times

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In 1934, Johan Ferreira Sr. was born. After 18 years as a Namibian schoolteacher, he decided to launch a passenger bus company with just one bus in 1971, naming it “Central Bus Service.” Over the course of five years, the firm grew to five buses and changed its name to “Windhoek Bus Service.”

Mr Ferreira founded a second passenger bus firm, Intercape, in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1979. Initially, the company simply provided a shuttle service between the airport and the city center of Cape Town.

Intercape filed for and received intercity licences for passenger travel between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in 1986. Johann Ferreira Jr. joined his father at Intercape in this year as well.

Johann Ferreira Jr purchased 100% of Intercape’s stock from the Ferreira family trust in 2008 and took over the company’s administration. Today, Johann and a hand-picked team of highly qualified and devoted experts make it their duty to supply passengers throughout Southern Africa with a safe, dependable, and cheap road transport service.

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Intercape Cultures And Values

Intercape aspires to increase people’s mobility throughout Southern Africa and to be their preferred intercity transport provider. As a result, we’re committed to provide a safe, dependable, and cheap road transportation service to everyone, regardless of color, gender, age, religion, or other factors.

However, as a firm, we adhere to, promote, and conduct their operations in accordance with Christian religion and principles. Their sincere belief is that God’s plan for their organization is for us to be more than just a passenger carrier. It is a privilege and a joy for us to be a bearer of the good news that Jesus Christ saves and to deliver His hope to the nation and continent.

Intercape Travel Information

Luggage’s To Carry On Intercape Buss

Each fare-paying passenger is allowed to take two pieces of luggage, each no larger than 80 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm in size and weighing no more than 20 kg for local South African routes and 30 kg for cross-border routes, free of charge and at their own risk. Luggage will be weighed, and if it exceeds the allowance, an extra fee per kilogram will be imposed. When passengers board, they should be given an Intercape luggage tag, which they should keep safe throughout the ride.

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Intercape Buss Discounts

Discounts are available for a variety of travelers, including students, seniors, and SANDF personnel. Please make sure you have the relevant documentation, such as a valid and current student card, in order to qualify.

Arrival Before Buss Departs

In order to allow Intercape staff sufficient time to book you in, load your luggage and allocate seats to stand-by passengers, they kindly request that you arrive at your point of departure no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Cross–border travelers are requested to arrive an hour (60 minutes) before scheduled departure.

About Intercape Booking

You can book your ticket online at, over the phone at 021 380 4400 (international: +27 21 380 4400), or in person at one of our Sales Offices. Your credit card can be used to make a payment. You can also reserve a ticket at the contact center, with the option of paying by bank deposit or picking up the ticket at a PEP or Shoprite/Checkers outlet. Alternatively, you can go to any Shoprite / Checkers Money Market counter or any of our locations across the country. There’s a chance that an agent in your region will be able to help.

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Intercape Complaint

When you arrive at an Intercape office, speak with the office supervisor or call their call center at 021 380 4400 (international +27 21 380 4400). A case will be opened based on the nature of the complaint, and the appropriate department will contact you to resolve the issue.

Intercape Bus Prices

From Cape Town to Johannesburg, there are approximately five daily bus schedules. At least one of them is represented on Intercape bus timetables. The cost of all available Cape Town to Johannesburg bus tickets ranges from R 399.00 to R 780.00 per seat. Kindly schudle your next trip here:

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