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In this post, we are going to give you a complete list of all the record labels in South Africa. If you are an artist looking to be signed onto a record label to elevate your career, then you need to read this article to the end.

What is a record label?

A record label is basically into artist management; thus, its basic function is to manage musicians or actors they have contract with.

Functions of record label

Record labels in South Africa provides various services for the betterment of their artists. See some of the functions of record labels below.

  • Financial support for video shooting, music production,
  • Public Relations
  • Publicity
  • Deal negotiations
  • And a lot more

Every record label run as a business. Therefore, money invested into their signed musicians are expected to yield profits in a specified time period.

Like everywhere in the world, South African underground and upcoming musicians find it difficult to rise to the top due to lack of financial support. Getting a record label as an upcoming artist helps to reach the limelight faster than doing everything alone.

The labels we list here are probably looking for artists to sign. Provided you are a good musician, you stand a higher chance of getting a deal with any of them.

Below is a complete list of all the music record labels in South Africa.

Record Labels in South Africa 2020

  • Family Tree Records

Family Tree Records is an independent record founded in 2014 by South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest. Like every other label, Family Tree invests and builds budding artistes.  It is located in Johannesburg, South Africa with Universal Music Group as their major publishing partner.

Notable current musicians signed onto this label are Cassper Nyovest himself and Nadia Nakai. Under this label, six studio albums have been produced from its various artists.

CEO & Founder: Cassper Nyovest

Founded: 2014


  • Good Noise Productions

Good Noise Productions is a music and media agency located in Johannesburg South Africa. They are into artists management, record and music productions, public relations, television production and project management.

  • Crazy Monk Records

Notable artists currently signed to Crazy Monk Records include Vasily Umanets, Astre, Jacssen, Jonathan Haseldine, Concinnity, Dan T, Billy Bulter, Lu York, Deelay amongst several others.

To submit a demo the this record label CLICK HERE

  • RapLyf Records

This is an independent record label and music company founded by South African rapper Kwesta. Kwesta is self-signed to his own record label together with artists including TLT, Kid X and Makwa.


Aside the co-founder of Rap Lyf, Kid X, only two artists have been signed to this music label. Kwesta explained to News24 that the company is a young one and can manage two artists on the go.

CEO: Kwesta

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  • DJS Productions

It is an exclusive artist management and media agency located in South Africa. Artists who have worked with this record label include Rowlene, Nomcebo Zikode, Makhadzi, Zanda Zakuza and several others.

To contact them call +27 81 340 1356.

  • Ghetto Ruff/ Muthaland Entertainment

  • Warner Music South Africa

  • Animosity music


  • Rhoyi Entertainment

  • Collectiv Global artist

  • Pro heat

  • Avande music

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