Flight Attendant in South Africa Salary

Do you want to become a flight attendant? If your answer is yes, then you need to read this post. Flight attendant salary has been a topic of curiosity of the past months.

Individuals who are planning to pursue a career in flight attendant want to know the salary paid to determine if it’s really worth it.      


Who Is A Flight Attendant?

A flight attendant primarily ensures that passengers who are on board are safe and comfortable during a flight. They are part of the cabin crew for the plane, a team of personnel who operate a commercial, business, or even military aircraft while traveling domestically or internationally.

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Role of air hostesses?

Note that flight attendants and air hostess can be used interchangeably. Flight attendants’ responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Providing information to passengers on board to ensure clients are comfortable
  • Conducting thorough safety check before flight
  • Establish rapport with customers, check their tickest and accompany them to their seats
  • Serve food and drinks to passengers on board
  • Monitor cabin periodically
  • Provide assistance to cabin crew in emergencies
  • Assist passengers with special needs
  • Submit reports concerning flight to senior staff
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How to Become A Flight Attendant in South Africa?

To become a professional flight attendant, you need to enroll in any of the accredited aviation schools in South Africa.


Flight Attendant Salary in South Africa

The average salary for a Flight Attendant is R15 197 per month in South Africa.

Flight Attendant in South Africa Salary
A Flight Attendant

Salary estimates are based on qualification, years of experience, rank, place of work and scope of work.

Flight attendants working in bigger cities can earn as high as R 30 000 per month.

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Speak to your company for clarifications on salary and bonuses before you start work.

Things to Note

Like other professionals in the public sector, flight attendants and air hostesses get work allowances which increase their average salary per month.


NOTE: The amount mentioned above may not be the exact amount received by the South African Air Hostesses/Flight Attendants. We at SA Insider just give an estimate based of information we have gathered. If you think you have a more accurate information, kindly let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you.

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