Drone Pilot Salary South Africa

How much do drone pilots earn in South Africa?

We are going to give you all the details you need to know about drone pilots salary in South Africa.

A drone pilots is basically someone who has been trained to fly a drone either for self or commercially. Drone piloting can be self learned or training can be received from a drone piloting training school.

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drone pilot
drone pilot

Drone Pilots salary in South Africa 2020

The salary paid to drone pilots differ based on several factors. For example, the company you are flying the drone for may decide to pay higher than the other.

Years of experience also counts when it comes to salary. The higher one’s years of experience the higher their pay will be.

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A drone pilot averagely takes home R 30,000 – R 40,000 each month. In addition, they may earn bonuses and allowances.

The annual salary ranges from R 300,000 – R 400,000. This includes tax and other unforeseen deduction.

Job Description of drone pilots

Remotely pilots operate drones for different purposes including aerial photograph, progress tracking, surveillance, terrain mapping and many more.

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Education needed

You don’t need a special training to become a drone pilot. Just purchase a drone, take some lessons and start flying.

How to make money with a drone in South Africa

  1. Buy a drone
  2. Take some online lessons on how to fly a drone
  3. Practice
  4. Negotiate for gigs
  5. Make money

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