Mechanical Engineering Salary In South Africa

What the salary of mechanical engineers in South Africa?

The basic duties of a mechanical engineer is to operates machines, ships, aircraft, equipment and systems, machinery and industrial plants. It involves the directing and advising on the function, maintenance and repair of machinery, aircraft, ships, industrial plants, equipment and systems.

They conduct research, design, advise on and direct the above mentioned systems. It is one of the most sough-after disciplines in engineering.

To become a mechanical engineer in South Africa, one has to obtain at least a bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering from a recognized university.

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The training to become a mechanical engineer is loaded with theory and practical. It is for sure a remuneration career and admired by those who love to pursue a career in engineering.

Are mechanical engineers well paid in South Africa? Well, if you need answer to this question, stay with me as I bring you mechanical engineers salary in South Africa.

Note: mechanical engineers have understanding in fields such as dynamics, mechanics and electricity, material science and structural analysis.

This discipline needs people who pay attention to details and people who are brave, not faint-hearted.

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They can work in several industries including but not limited to the following:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Contracting civil engineer
  • Control and instrumentation engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Acoustic consultant
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Mining engineer
  • Patent attorney
  • Production manager
  • Technical sales engineer
  • Water engineer


Mechanical engineer salary in SA

What is the monthly and annual salary of mechanical engineers?

mechanical engineering salary in south africa
Mechanical Engineers

A qualified mechanical engineer in SA earns between R 89 898 – R 132 889 per month and R 508 779 – 898 328 per annum.

That is a lucrative work looking at the amount listed above.

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Things to note

Salaries of mechanical engineers working in the private sectors may differ from those working in the public sectors.

Also the particular field of endeavor influences the salary. For example a mechanical engineer working in an aerospace department may earn more than someone working with the marine or cars.

Years of experience counts. The higher your years of experience as an engineer, the higher your salary. It is therefore important to acquire some years of experience and further your education to receive better and competitive salaries.

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