Artificial Grass Carpet Prices. Full Details

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Artificial turf is a surface constructed of synthetic fibers that resembles natural grass.

It is most commonly utilized in arenas for sports that originated or are now played on grass. However, it is increasingly being utilized on both residential and commercial lawns.

The key reason is that it is low-maintenance – artificial turf can withstand intense use, such as in sports, and does not require irrigation or trimming.

Due to the difficulty of getting grass enough sunlight to keep healthy, domed, covered, and partially covered stadiums may require artificial turf.

However, there are certain drawbacks to artificial turf, including limited life, the need for frequent cleaning, the usage of petroleum, harmful compounds from infill, and increased health and safety risks.

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Artificial turf initially attracted widespread attention in 1966, when it was installed in the Astrodome, which had only been in operation for a year.

The product utilized was “ChemGrass,” which was manufactured by Monsanto and renamed as AstroTurf; this phrase has subsequently become a generic trademark for any artificial grass throughout the late twentieth century. AstroTurf is still a registered trademark, but Monsanto no longer owns it.

The first generation turf systems (short-pile fibers with no infill) of the 1960s have been substantially superseded by second and third generation turf systems. Second-generation synthetic grass systems have longer fibers and sand infills, whereas third-generation systems, which are most commonly used today, include infills that are a blend of sand and recycled rubber granules, or “rubber crumb.”

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What Homeowners Use Artificial Grass For:

  • For kids
  • For pets
  • Entertainment areas for friends and families

Artificial Grass Is Right For You If:

  • You’re tired of watering, weeding, fertilizing, and cutting natural grass.
  • Your summer water bills are too high or under water restriction.
  • You don’t want to use chemical fertilizers and herbicides.
  • You believe artificial grass looks as good as real grass — maybe better.

Artificial Grass Carpet Prices

Artificial grass has a high initial cost — R70 to R310 per square metre, installed. It’s free for the following 8 to 15 years once it’s taken down.

Natural grass, on the other hand, costs only R40 to R60 per square metre when installed professionally. However, this is where the costs (and upkeep) begin. You must water, mow, and fertilize your lawn, all of which cost money and take time.

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Let’s run some statistics on a hypothetical 50-square-meter yard.

Artificial grass price list for 50sqm  Cost
R190 x 50sqm R9 500
Installation for 50 sqm
R150 x 50sqm R7 500
Total cost R17 000

Artificial Grass Prices List

  • 20mm QuickTurf Economy – R145
  • 25mm QuickTurf Natural – R200
  • 25mm QuickTurf Deluxe – R200
  • 30mm QuickTurf Natural – R240
  • 30mm QuickTurf Deluxe – R240
  • 30mm QuickTurf Pet Grass – R249
  • 35mm QuickTurf Prestige – R270
  • 15mm QuickTurf MultiSport – R290

Artificial Grass Installation Prices

  • Installation On Cement – R85
  • Installation On Soil – R169.99

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